The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 14

The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 14

After the 1-week break from our Resilient Entrepreneurs series, we are back with “The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 14″. So, if you want to learn about all the businesses in our previous episodes, click here. Interestingly, today is   As with previous episodes, we will showcase three black-owned businesses in Canada in today’s episode. This series is brought to you by @naijapreneurcanada and @AfricaX. So, show us some love by following our Instagram pages and turning up post notifications so as not to miss out on our future posts. We present to you “The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 14”.

Which Businesses Are We Showcasing This Week?

We are showcasing 3 black-owned businesses today. Interestingly, these are 3 female-owned businesses and they cut across different industries.

The businesses are:

  1. Adoniaa Beauty,
  2. Wumifoods and
  3. Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc

1. Business Number 1 – Adoniaa Beauty


Adedoyin Omotara is the founder and current CEO of Adoniaa. Adoniaa is located within the Westbrook mall, Calgary, Alberta. In everything she does, she believes in investing in the dream of girls and in the strength of women. She does this through her company called Adoniaa (greek word meaning Beautiful Goddess). Adoniaa is the platform God has given Adedoyin to connect with women so that she can connect them to their God -given identity. This platform has birthed so many expressions i.e. an identity & confidence coach . Adedoyin is a speaker, author, trainer, image consultant, entrepreneur and women’s empowerment advocate. In the next 3 yrs, she sees herself equipping thousands of independent image consultants to carry the message of beauty through identity all around the world.

Fun fact about Adedoyin: She loves having great conversations with people and she smiles a lot!

What Products Does Adoniaa Beauty Offer?

Adoniaa’s products include makeup, facials, hair, brows and lashes.


How To Patronize Adoniaa Beauty?

Potential clients can order her products through the company’s website and the company’s Instagram page.

Contact Information

You can reach Adoniaa Beauty through any of the contact information below

2. Business Number 2 – Wumifoods

WumifoodsThe brain behind wumifoods is Wumi (Omowumi) Olowe. Wumifoods was previously known as wummyskitchen. Wumi is a wife and mom of 3 beautiful children (main hustle). She studied Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. She is a financial advisor by profession and have been in the banking industry for a little over 10 years. She specializes in basically anything banking. This includes unsecured and secured borrowing, investing, protection, etc.

What Products Does Wumifoods Offer?








Wumifoods specializes in most cooked Nigerian delicacies. This includes soups, rice, pastries etc. Also, they offer the following to their product lines:

  • raw food items
  • Naija groceries and
  • bulk protein based on request (beef, goat meat, fish etc.)

How To Patronize Wumifoods?

Potential customers can order their products through the company’s Instagram page (@wumifoods) or via email

Contact Information

You can reach out to Wumifoods through the details below


3. Business Number 3 – Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc.

Wunmi Idowu

Wunmi Idowu is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, instructor, performer, producer and the Founder and Director of Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc. Wunmi began performing traditional dance styles at the age of 3 in her hometown of Lagos, Nigeria. Moving to Alberta in 1992, she continued immersing herself in the African dance community in Edmonton and Calgary. Ignited by the absence of African Diaspora history in public school curriculum, Wunmi decided to influence change by using the transformative power of the arts. For her, the Canadian performing arts industry was an avenue to help build community capacity and leadership, disrupt colonial illusions, and empower the youth in their cultural identity ensuring that she didn’t forget or leave behind her heritage as a Nigerian. As a recent graduate from the Haskayne School of Business, Arts Management program with the Rosza Foundation, Wunmi has gone on to receive several awards, including a nomination for the 2020 Doug and Lois Mitchell Outstanding Calgary Artist Award and the 24th Annual Immigrants of Distinction Award for the Arts & Culture category.

What Products Does Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc. Offer?








Since 2006, Woezo Africa is passionately dedicated to bringing the history of African culture to the masses through traditional and modern modes of performing arts including dance, music, theatre and storytelling. The diverse, award-winning organization provides an array of services and educational community outreach programming, including Afro urban dance classes and workshops, school-based artist residencies, and event creation and management. Under Wunmi’s leadership, Woezo Africa has launched local and international productions, such as Africa Jo, UNITY: Dance Across Africa, Woezo Africa Cultural Festival and their annual Black History Month event UNGANISHA: Explore.Connect.Dance. The organization has also produced two editions of Woezo Africa Festival in collaboration with the Guild of Nigerian Dancers (G.O.N.D) and Ijodee Dance Center in Lagos, Nigeria. By pushing for increased visibility of ethnically and culturally diverse artists in Alberta, Woezo Africa hopes that perceptions will shift around who participates in the arts. Through dynamic, cutting-edge work that captures the imagination of a range of audiences, Woezo Africa continues to enhance the creative economy in Calgary, empower and perpetuate the movement for cultural equity and diversity for social change.

Woezo Africa’s services include

  • Corporate/ Private/ Public Dance Performances
  • Group Dance Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • Choreography
  • Black Arts Development Programs
  • African Activities Workshops
  • Productions & Events
  • Arts Management

Interested in Learning more about Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc.?

To learn more about Woezo Africa and their programs, visit the company’s website –

Contact Information

You can reach out to Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc. through the contact information below


Final Thoughts On Episode 14

Save the contact details of these businesses and patronize them when you need their services and / or products. Also, refer customers to them.  And finally, if you like this “The Resilient Entrepreneurs” series, share this post and other posts in the series with your friends. Let’s work together to support the small businesses in our community.

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