The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Season 2 Episode 3

The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Season 2 Episode 3

It is another Friday and it is a great day for a new episode of the Resilient Entrepreneurs series. If you missed previous episodes in the series, you can read them before you continue. As with previous episode, we will showcase black-owned businesses and their owners. Also, we will share information on how you can get access to their products and services. Today’s edition is “The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Season 2 Episode 3”. Interestingly, one of the businesses we are showcasing today is owned by a child. So, if you are interested in knowing who this is, read on…

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Which Businesses Are We Showcasing This Week?

We are showcasing 3 black-owned businesses today. The businesses are:

  1. elips by ese,
  2. mma’s beauty. and
  3. House of Ajoke

1. Business Number 1 – elips by ese

Eliora - The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Season 2 Episode 3The founder of elips by ese is Eliora and she is 8 years old. Eliora is the CEO, founder and brand ambassador of elips by ese. She is from Nigeria but currently lives in Canada.

What Products and Services Does elips by ese Offer?








elips by ese makes and sells moisturizing lip balms of various flavours. The business caters to the health of the lips through every season of the year. Eliora’s mission is to ensure the lips are kept very moisturized and healthy. The lip balms are all made with natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly ingredients.

In addition, elips by ese also makes cute packaging, This allows you to be able to present her products gifts for all occasions.


How To Patronize elips by ese?

Potential customers can order any of their lip balms via their Instagram page.

Contact Information

You can follow elips by ese through any of the information below:

2. Business Number 2 – Mma’s beauty

Chidimma - The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Season 2 Episode 3

Chidimma Mokwenye is the founder of Mma’s beauty.  She is a positive, spirited and enthusiastic lady with the  “I can do all things“ mindset. Even though she obtained a bachelors degree in Medicine and Surgery, she has found  joy putting smiles on the faces of others by creating beautiful styles to suit their personality and needs. Chidimma loves playing badminton, board games, cards and developing personal skills. She strongly believes that true happiness comes from within and should be spread across the world .

Mma’s Beauty is located at 612 4th Ave NE, Calgary,  Alberta, Canada.

What Products Does Mma’s beauty Sell?








Mma’s beauty sells the following products:

  1. All hair braiding services  and locs
    1. Regular Cornrows,
    2. Stitch cornrows,
    3. regular single  braids
    4. Knotless single braids
    5. Twist braids
    6. Kinky twist
    7. Passion twist and springy twist
    8. Butterfly braids
    9. goddess braids
    10. Crochet braids
    11. Natural dread loc
    12. Artificial dread locs
    13. Soft locs
    14. Faux loc
    15. Boho locs
    16. goddess locs
  2. Hair extensions:
    1. Weave sew in extensions
    2. Frontals and closures
    3. Ponytails
    4. Bridal hairstyling
  3.  Hair care service
    1. Washing and treatments
    2. Hair relaxing and texlax
    3. Silk press /silk wrap
    4. Keratin treatment

How To Patronize Mma’s beauty?

Potential customers can order their products and services through the following ways:


3. Business Number 3 – House of Ajoke


The brain behind House of Ajoke is Basira Sotonwa a.k.a Ajoke. Basira has had deep rooted affection for fashion since she was young.

What Products and Services Does House of Ajoke Offer?

House of Ajoke 1 - The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Season 2 Episode 3
House of Ajoke 2 - The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Season 2 Episode 3








House of Ajoke is a business proudly owned by a dedicated African woman and the business is located in Scarborough, Ontario, The brand aims at promoting African  culture, style and elegance through its array of colorful and exclusive designs and African  prints.

How To Patronize House of Ajoke?

Potential customers can order their products via their Instagram page or via email.

Contact Information

You can reach out to House of Ajoke through the contact information below:


Final Thoughts On The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Season 2 Episode 3

Before you close this page, save the contact details of these businesses and patronize them when you need their services and / or products. You can go one step further by referring customers to them.  And finally, if you like this “The Resilient Entrepreneurs” series, share this post and other posts in the series with your friends. Let’s work together to support the small businesses in our community.

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