The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 2

The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Episode 2

Welcome to the second of edition “The Resilient Entrepreneurs” series. As we mentioned in the first article on this series, the series showcases the black-owned businesses in our community. Moreover, each series will feature 3 businesses and how you can patronize them. If you missed episode 1, you can read it here. This series is brought to you by @naijapreneurcanada and @AfricaX. So, follow us on IG and turn up post notifications. We present to you “The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 2”.

Which Businesses Are We Showcasing Today?

Today’s episode focuses on 3 businesses and they cut across different industries. The 3 businesses are

  1. VivaxFoods,
  2. 3T Business Consulting and
  3. St Thames Hair

1. Business Number 1 – VivaxFoods

The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Episode 2 - Taemie Oluyemi - VivaxFoodsTaemie Oluyemi(mostly called Vivax) is one of the directors of VivaxFoods. She is a food safety and quality Assurance professional in Manitoba, Canada. Currently, the business has branches in Lagos, Nigeria and Manitoba, Canada. However, they ship their products worldwide.

What Does The Business Do?









The company’s main product is beans flour. The beans flour is purely made from the finest, cleanest beans. It is processed and packaged with utmost care and love for busy individuals. This allows you to be able to enjoy your favorite proteins such as Akara, Moimoi, Ekuru, Gbegiri etc. in the fastest and easiest way possible. The company is currently in the process of expanding the product lines in Canada. New product lines will include food commodities like dried fish and dried locust beans.


How To Order The Products?

You can order any of their products on the company’s website. Also, the link in the company’s Instagram bio takes you directly to the website where there is a link to place an order.  Aside this, you can also send them DM on all the social media platforms. The company is available on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as @VivaxFoods.

Contact Information

You can reach out to VivaxFoods through the information below:

2. Business Number 2 – 3T Business Consulting

The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Episode 2 - Toyin Ogunwale

Toyin Ogunwale is the brain behind 3T Business Consulting and current lives in Ontario, Canada.

What Does The Business Do?

The company provides the following services: Website Design, Business Registration, Start-up / Tech Support, Business Analysis, Project Management and Business Process Improvement.

How To Order The Services?

You can order any of their products on the company’s website.

Contact Information

You can reach out to 3T Business Consulting through the information below:


3. Business Number 3 – St Thames Hair

The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Episode 2 - Fola

Fola Omoniyi is a hair stylist and the face behind St Thames Hair. Through St Thames Hair, she offers unique and personalized services to each client with regards to raw and virgin hair extensions. The business is located in Canada but serves clients all over the world.

What Does The Business Do?








The company’s products include glue-less custom wigs, hair extension (bundles, closures & frontals), and wig revamp. Others are re-construction, color services, wig making educator and hair accessories.

How To Order The Products?

You can order any of their products on the company’s website or via e-mail (fola@stthameshair / Also, you can reach them via DM on their Instagram page.

Contact Information

You can reach out to St Thames Hair through the information below:

Final Thoughts On Episode 2

Before you leave, save the contact details of these businesses. In addition, reach out to them whenever you need the services they offer. Also, show them some love by referring customers to them.  And finally, if you like this “The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 2”, share this post with others. Let’s work together to support the small businesses in our community.

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