Introducing The Weekly Resilient Entrepreneurs Series

The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 13

2020 was a tough year for many business owners. Some have had to shut down their businesses while many others have had to pivot. So, if you are still out there running a business, you deserve our salute. We celebrate you today and always. And to show our support, @naijapreneurcanada and AfricaX are launching the weekly Resilient Entrepreneurs Series, We will be using this series to showcase some of the small businesses in our community.

Why We Are Doing This?

If you are wondering why we are doing this, you are in order.  As you probably know, there are thousands of small businesses in varying industries who are feeling the immediate impact of COVID-19. So, even if we can’t step in and support these businesses financially, we believe that we can support them with our platforms.

The reality is that we need these businesses to stay afloat to keep our economy and community strong. Small businesses provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and create meaningful jobs. In addition, small businesses foster the local economy.

So, starting from next week, we will try to create more visibility for the businesses in our community that need our help.

What Should Expect From The Resilient Entrepreneurs Series?

The series will feature 3 businesses every week on AfricaX website, @naijapreneurcanada IG page and AfricaX IG page. In each series, you will learn about the business, who is behind the business, the business location and how you can patronize the business.

How You Can Support?

We believe everyone irrespective of who you are can support our small businesses. So, if you are looking for ways to support us and the businesses we feature, see below.

  1. Share the weekly series post and IG posts with your friends and family members
  2. Follow the social media pages of each of the businesses in the series
  3. Patronize their businesses
  4. Refer others in your network to buy from them
  5. Give them feedback on how they can improve their services and products

Finally, follow @naijapreneurcanada and @africaextended on IG and turn on post notifications. This ensures that you don’t miss any post from us.

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