The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Season 2 Episode 1

The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Season 2 Episode 1

We are back with the first episode of our Resilient Entrepreneurs season 2 series. In this series, we showcase black-owned businesses and their owners and how you can get access to their products and services. If you are a new visitor to our blog, you can read about the entrepreneurs and businesses in season 1 before you continue. Today’s edition is “The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Season 2 Episode 1”.

As with previous episodes, we will showcase three black-owned businesses in Canada in this episode. This series is brought to you by @naijapreneurcanada and @AfricaX. We ask that you show us some love by following our Instagram pages and turning up post notifications so as not to miss out on our future posts. You can also tell your friends and family to follow our pages.

Which Businesses Are We Showcasing This Week?

We are showcasing 3 black-owned businesses today. The businesses are:

  1. Lursh Avenue,
  2. En_Vogue_Afrika. and
  3. Bisc Medical Spa & Cosmetics

1. Business Number 1 – Lursh Avenue

Folashade Bashorun - Lursh Avenue - The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Season 2 Episode 1

The founder of Lursh Avenue is Folashade Bashorun and she also works as a Transportation Analyst. Lursh Avenue was borne out of her passion and the desire to fill a need for good and affordable hair. She likes to work closely with her clients to understand their needs and budget and work towards getting them exactly what they want while ensuring quality isn’t compromised.  Lursh Avenue is based in Calgary, Alberta but caters to the needs of women outside Canada as well.

What Products Does Lursh Avenue Sell?

Lursh Avenue - The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Season 2 Episode 1







Lursh Avenue is an online wig store that offers different products and services to cater to the needs of every woman. The company’s slogan – WE HAIR YOU – was careful crafted to portray the business’ passion in ensuring every woman’s needs are met when it comes to hair. The business is not just about selling wigs. They seek to understand your needs and ensure you get exactly what you deserve.
Lursh Avenue sells the following products
  • wigs
  • hair bundles,
  • hair accessories – Wig storage bags, hairbands, braided wigs, face cap wigs, synthetic wigs


How To Patronize Lursh Avenue?

Potential customers can order their products via the business’ website.

Contact Information

You can reach Lursh Avenue through any of the contact information below:

2. Business Number 2 – En_Vogue_Afrika

Toyin Onakanmi - En_Vogue_Afrika - The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Season 2 Episode 1Toyin Onakanmi is the founder of En_Vogue_Afrika and she is is a wife and mom.  She started the business because of her passion for fashion and her love for African prints. Toyin loves to dress up and stand out. She is proud of her African culture, heritage and love to flaunt her African identity anywhere she goes.

En_Vogue_Afrika’s goal is to promote African fashion, inspire Africans and Non-Africans to embrace and appreciate our culture and creativity through fashion. Also, they want African Immigrants to stay connected to their African roots. En_Vogue_Afrika operates from Mississauga, Ontario and ships worldwide.

What Products Does En_Vogue_Afrika Sell?








En_Vogue_African is an online African clothing fashion store inspired from the roots of Africa. They promote the richness and vibrancy of African prints such as Ankara, Adire and Aso-oke. Also, they provide affordable, unique Afrocentric designs that makes you stand out.

En_Vogue_Afrika doesn’t simply showcase Ankara, they also showcase Adire and Asooke. They specialize in mixing of fabrics such as Adire and Asooke to give the outfit a complete African twist.

How To Patronize En_Vogue_Afrika?

You can order for their products by visiting their website.

Contact Information

You can reach out to En_Vogue_Afrika. through the details below:


3. Business Number 3 – Bisc Medical Spa & Cosmetics

The brain behind Bisc Medical Spa & Cosmetics is Mrs. Bankole tutu Fausat. She is an entrepreneur, professional licensed Esthetician, Medical Aesthetician  and Cosmetics Formulator. Ever since she was little, she has had so much passion in anything that involves fashion. She started with taking care of her younger sisters’ skin to dressing them up and making their hair.

The key to any successful business are: dedication, commitment, endurance, determination, selflessness and hard work. These are the keywords she lives by.  Bisc Cosmetics is located at unit 11A-90 Regina road, Vaughan, Ontario.

What Products and Services Does Bisc Medical Spa & Cosmetics Offer?








Bisc Medical Spa & Cosmetics are skincare specialists and they work with customers to help them achieve optimal skin. They sell products for acne problems, blemishes, skin discoloration, eczema etc. Also, they advise customers on proper skincare routine to take care of any health concerns..

In addition, Bisc Cosmetics help customers reduce signs of aging and sell products to help them develop a home skincare regimen.

How To Patronize Bisc Medical Spa & Cosmetics?

if you would like recommendations on which products suit your skin concerns, visit Bisc Cosmetics’ website. They offer a free product test.

Contact Information

You can reach out to Bisc Medical Spa & Cosmetics through the contact information below:


Final Thoughts On The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Season 2 Episode 1

Save the contact details of these businesses and patronize them when you need their services and / or products. You can go one step further by referring customers to them.  And finally, if you like this “The Resilient Entrepreneurs” series, share this post and other posts in the series with your friends. Let’s work together to support the small businesses in our community.

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