25 Black-Owned Businesses To Support This Black History Month

25 Black-Owned Businesses To Support This Black History Month

As we celebrate the Black History month, I want to implore our readers to support black-owned businesses. One way to support is to help the startups and entrepreneurs in our community grow their brand. In 2020, I consciously patronized a number of businesses and I am happy to share “some” of these businesses with you. These entrepreneurs delivered WOW services and products and I am confident that you won’t regret transacting business with them. Their customer service was impeccable, going above and beyond, needless to say I’ll definitely be patronizing them again. So, I present to you 25 Black-Owned businesses to support this black history month.

I encourage you to support at least one business per day by simply following, liking, commenting, and/or patronizing them. Since we are sharing this with you on the 5th of February, I will start my list from today and this will run till 28th of February, 2021.

So, find below – 25 “Tried, Tested and Trusted” Nigerian Entrepreneurs in Canada, in no particular order. These are black-owned businesses to support this season. Each number contains the brand’s Instagram handle, my review, a date in February that you should support their business and the link to their Instagram pages.

1. @Aboki.Suya

The packaging is fantastic! Try it and you’ll go back for more. (4th February). You can support the business via https://instagram.com/aboki.suya?igshid=we4nta65zj6o.

2.  @TheCakeAisle_Chinchin

This is sweet and savoury snack. But be sure to add the ginger flavour to your order (5th February). The IG page is https://instagram.com/thecakeaisle_chinchin?igshid=v2lqatlg2ey.


3. @Rimmasnatural

The business offers organic Skin care products for mums and babies too. (6th February). The IG page is https://instagram.com/rimmasnaturals?igshid=gydy96mwryyu

4. @Twelve_4teen

Looking for custom print apparels, @Twelve_4teen is your best bet. She does magic to the clothes! (7th February). So, visit her IG page at https://instagram.com/twelve_4teen?igshid=ibhnek5wkm4q.

5. @Dn2Kitchen

She offers home-cooked meals that will ignite your taste buds! She’s great at what she does. (8th February). This is why she made the list of my black-owned businesses to support. The IG page is https://instagram.com/dn2_kitchen?igshid=t9bsu6qutg9u.

6. @Lofooditems

This is for African food stuff lover. Her groundnut is the BEST ever (9th February). Follow her IG page at https://instagram.com/lofooditems?igshid=6yts4nruxntq.

7. @Cakesbydammie

She is a buttercream goddess.  Her cakes are soooo delicious. (10th February) – https://instagram.com/cakesbydammie?igshid=1xe3kzoqleqlr.

8. @aduni_stitches

This is for your ready to wear fashion plug. Also, they are very affordable pieces. She sells jewelry too. (11th February) – https://instagram.com/aduni_stitches?igshid=1d1m4re10fv0r.


9. @dsquaredesigns

This is for custom print on pretty much everything. she’s great at what she does.  (12th February). Visit her IG page at https://www.instagram.com/dsquaredesigns.

10. @Spoonishyyc

Another one on my list of black-owned businesses to support is @Spoonishyyc. This is for her grills and finger licking meals. I mean they don’t call her the grill queen for nothing.  (13th February) – https://instagram.com/spoonishyyc?igshid=1aw9xgsyyzgi8.

11. @Tripledelightpastries

They offer the best small chops/snacks you’ll eat in Calgary,. Yes, no kidding! (14th February). So, visit her IG page at https://instagram.com/tripledelightpastries?igshid=e5pa4pdoubue.

12. @St_thameshair

Switch up your hair game with authentic human hair from this store and you’ll thank me later. You should try her range of hair product, accessories and gadgets too. (15th February). The IG page https://instagram.com/st_thameshair?igshid=1k2so8dhhkmyn.

13. @Toriaskincare

Her body scrub and body butter does magic to your skin. (16th February) – https://instagram.com/toriaskincare?igshid=14rowb9nmzqdf

14. @Spoonly_

This is for home-made meals lovers. Please order her box of meals and remember to include her signature salad and you’ll be so glad you did.  (17th February). You can visit her IG at https://instagram.com/spoonly_?igshid=1e6lci5o2slwz.


15. @Ugonwas_ca

This is an Afro-Caribbean online store for all your food stuff and more.  (18th February). To patronize her, visit her IG page at https://instagram.com/ugonwas_ca?igshid=13ppwhevzoo7o.

16. @Crownbury

Her Bamboo koala towel is the best thing you can gift a baby. So, throw in the nursing pads and wash clothes and you’ll make a new mum super happy! (19th February). To order her products, visit her IG page at https://instagram.com/crownbury?igshid=zt70pblkm2yo.

17. @Sweetcocoabuttercakes

Sugar is her ART and cake, her medium! She is the Cake Boss. Literally! (20th February). So, visit her IG page at https://instagram.com/sweetcocoabuttercakes?igshid=1cjfgtaklvofv.

18. @Dorien.Marcus

Their hair oil is so good! It does wonders to my sense of smell! So, there are highly recommended. (21st February). To learn more their products, visit their IG page at https://instagram.com/dorien.marcus?igshid=1xltlgzzhk3j5.

19. @Twilightcuisine

She offers African, oriental and continental meals like a Boss. Twilight is here to change the narrative! (22nd February). Visit her IG page at https://instagram.com/twilightcuisine?igshid=5ehtlf4qao5m.

20. @Lewahair_signature

Sweetest soul! Her customer service is beyond words. She sells quality hair and accessories. (23rd February). Visit her IG page at https://instagram.com/lewahair_signature?igshid=1a16ukpw17sxx to patronize her.

21. @Calgarygourmetbbq

They offer grills that went to Harvard. You should try their smoked goat in pepper sauce popularly called “asun” (24th February). Visit their IG page at https://instagram.com/calgarygourmetbbq?igshid=1ibzllt9xs1b7.


22. EleorabeautyInc

Looking for a range of hair care products? Look no further! This is your surest plug. It’s the LOC kit for me! Best ever. (25th February). Visit her IG page at https://instagram.com/eleorabeautyinc?igshid=ogd24hc9seca.

23. @Hanaffoods

This is for African food stuff and frozen proteins. Her sweet personality is the major catch for me. (26th February). Her IG page is at https://instagram.com/hanaffoods?igshid=16p2ogu0arvga.

24. @Savoir_pastries

She offers the best Cake loaf you’ll ever eat! She’s great at what she does (27th February). Follow her IG page at https://instagram.com/savoir_pastries?igshid=1jywakl3npcv3.

25. @Julapri_hairbonnets

This is your your plug for all things hair accessories! (28th February). Her IG page is at https://instagram.com/julapri_hairbonnet?igshid=19rni2uhip5rx.

Until next time guys, let’s go support these black businesses! In addition, check my series on black-owned businesses to support.  Meanwhile, follow me on Instagram to learn more about the great businesses we have in our community.

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