The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 3

The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Episode 3

Welcome to the third edition of “The Resilient Entrepreneurs” series. As we mentioned in the first article on this series, the series showcases the black-owned businesses in our community. Moreover, each series will feature 3 businesses and how you can patronize them. If you missed episode 1, you can read it here.  For episode 2, click here. This series is brought to you by @naijapreneurcanada and @AfricaX. So, don’t forget to follow us on IG and turn up post notifications in order not to miss out on our future posts. We present to you “The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 3”.

Which Businesses Are We Showcasing Today?

Today’s episode focuses on 3 businesses and they cut across different industries. The 3 businesses are

  1. Special Homemade Snack,
  2. Stacey & Lloyd Consulting and
  3. She Dares to Succeed Inc

1. Business Number 1 – Special Homemade Snack

Lucia - The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Episode 3The brain behind the business is Lucia and she is originally from Nigeria. She lives in Calgary, Alberta where she runs a pastry business.

What Does The Business Do?








The company’s main product is the special Nigerian Chin Chin and they deliver to customers in Alberta. However, the company plans to launch other special snacks soon and this will include meat-pie, spicy plantain chips, eggroll, donut etc.


How To Order The Products?

You can order the products by sending a text message or calling 587 433 6261. Also, potential customers can send them a DM via Instagram or email at In addition, you can visit Special Homemade Snack’s website.

Contact Information

You can reach out to Lucia or Special Homemade Snack through the information below:

2. Business Number 2 – Stacey & Lloyd Consulting

Bola Adesope - The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Episode 3 Bola Adesope (also known as Coach Bola) is the brain behind the company. He is a Consultant, Trainer, Speaker and Coach. The company is based in Canada but with operations in the UK and Nigeria.

What Does The Business Do?

The company provides career transformation courses and programs across Business Analysis, Project Management, Change Management, Data Analytics, Agile and Scrum. In addition, the company offers both certification and practical / hands-on focused coaching program,

How To Order The Products?

Potential clients can view, request and order all the company’s consulting services and training courses on the company’s website.

Contact Information

You can reach out to Bola or the Stacey & Lloyd Consulting team through the information below:


3. Business Number 3 – She Dares to Succeed Inc

Kome Kome Olori is the brain behind She Dares To Succeed Inc. Although she operates from Canada, her service is available for clients in UK and Nigeria also.

What Does The Business Do?

Kome helps women start and build businesses that they are passionate about and that helps them spend maximum time with their families. Her specialty is physical product creation and selling on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

How To Be Part Of Her Community?

Potential clients can join her community via this link.

Contact Information

You can reach out to Kome through the business’ Instagram page.

Final Thoughts On Episode 3

Before you leave this page, save the contact details of these businesses. In addition, reach out to them when you or your friends need the services they offer. Also, show them some love by referring customers to them.  And finally, if you like this “The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 3”, share this post with others. Let’s work together to support the small businesses in our community.

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