The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 8

The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Episode 8

Welcome to episode 8 of “The Resilient Entrepreneurs” series. In this episode, we will showcase three new black-owned businesses. If you missed previous episodes, try to read them before you continue. This series is brought to you by @naijapreneurcanada in collaboration with @AfricaX. So, show us some love by following our Instagram pages and turning up post notifications so as not to miss out on our future posts. We present to you “The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 8”.

Which Businesses Are We Showcasing This Week?

As with previous episodes, we focus on 3 businesses in this episode and these cut across different industries. The businesses are

  1. Greelz+Dreenkz ,
  2. Afikewa Designs and
  3. EM Wigs

1. Business Number 1 – Greelz+Dreenkz

Chef TeeGreelz+Dreenkz is an Afro-fusion virtual kitchen and the brain behind the business is Chef TEE. He currently lives in Brampton, Ontario.

What Services Does Greelz+Dreenkz  Offer?

Greelz+Dreenkz  offers all kinds of Suya, smoky jollof rice, fusion fried rice and spaghetti.


How To Patronize Greelz+Dreenkz?

To order from Greelz+Dreenkz , visit the company’s website or simply send them a DM on their Instagram page. In addition, you can send them a Whatsapp message or call  647-556-6463.

Contact Information

The company’s contact information are below:

2. Business Number 2 – Afikewa Designs

Toyin Jones - The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Episode 8Toyin Jones is the CFO of Afikewa Designs. This black-owned small business  is based in Calgary, Canada. Although the business started  as a “stay at home” Mom of 3  creative outlet, it now offers much more.  In addition, the company works on several blank items and turns them into a work of arts that last long and creates wonderful memories.

What Are The Products The Business Offers?








The business offers customization and personalization of blank items into beautiful work of arts either for gifts, personal use or business branding.

How To Patronize Afikewa Designs?

Potential customers can order any of their services via their Instagram page. You can send them direct messages or send them an email.

Contact Information

You can reach out to Toyin and Afikewa Designs through the details below


3. Business Number 3 – EM Wigs

Dr. Atinuke - The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Episode 8

Dr. Atinuke O. is the founder and chief-slay-officer of EM Wigs, a black-owned ecommerce beauty Startup. She is a Scientist by profession, and she is passionate about the need for women to feel confident in themselves. This is one of the reasons she founded EM Wigs to accentuate the inner beauty of every woman. The business is headquartered in Guelph, Ontario but their services are available Canada-wide.

What Services Does EM Wigs Offer?

EM Wigs - The Resilient Entrepreneurs - Episode 8








EM Wigs is an online wig boutique offering easy-to-wear, premium human hair and readymade wigs.

How To Buy The Products of EM Wigs?

EM Wigs has an easy-to-navigate online store where customers can find them, learn more about the products, join their inner circle and place order for any of the products.

Contact Information

You can reach out to EM Wigs through the information below:

Final Thoughts On Episode 8

Save the contact details of these businesses and patronize them when you need their services and / or products. Also, show them some love by referring customers to them.  And finally, if you like this “The Resilient Entrepreneurs” series, share this post and other posts in the series with others. Let’s work together to support the small businesses in our community.

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