The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 13

The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 13

It has been 13 weeks since started this “The Resilient Entrepreneurs” series. Yes, today is “The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 13″. So, we will like to thank all the business owners that we have featured in previous episodes. You are the real MVP. As with previous episodes, we will showcase another three black-owned businesses in Canada in today’s episode. This series is brought to you by @naijapreneurcanada and @AfricaX. So, show us some love by following our Instagram pages and turning up post notifications. This ensures you don’t miss out on our future posts. We present to you “The Resilient Entrepreneurs – Episode 13”.

Which Businesses Are We Showcasing This Week?

We are showcasing 3 black-owned businesses today. These businesses cut across different industries.

The businesses are:

  1. Hadash Jewelries,
  2. Flo’s Grill and
  3. La Salle Candles

1. Business Number 1 – Hadash Jewelries

Anthonia Ashade is the creator of Hadash Jewelries. Hadash is a creative house for the most stunning and exquisite statement handmade Jewelry creations in Calgary Alberta, Canada. It was as an upscale, trendy, and modern brand. Hadash was created because Anthonia loved the way a piece of Jewelry could accentuate a woman’s beauty. She believes there is beauty in everyone and everyone deserves to be celebrated. So, she creates jewelries to remind the wearer of their worth and make them look in the mirror with a smile

What Products Does Hadash Jewelries Offer?







Hadash sells jewelry and custom accessories. Every Hadash piece is handmade, intricately and artfully designed using Polymer Clay. At Hadash, all bespoke jewelry and custom accessories designed are suitable for corporate users and upscale ladies.  HaDaSh maintains a focus on its customers, abiding by the mantra “Because you deserve to be gorgeous “.


How To Patronize Hadash Jewelries?

Potential clients can reach me for earrings by going to the website –

Contact Information

You can reach Hadash Jewelries through any of the contact information below

2. Business Number 2 – Flo’s Grill

Olanrewaju Folarin is the brain behind Flo’s Grill. Lanre is a true entrepreneur at heart. He is an experienced Product Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the computer hardware industry. Skilled in Management, Business Development, Social Media, Technical Support, and Agile Methodologies, Lanre is a strong product management professional working on a Master of Business Administration focused on entrepreneurial management from the Australian Institute of Business.

His love for food and grilling was discovered back home in Nigeria while catering to friends at his private residence. It became a business when his friend challenged him with the job of hosting the grill section of an organization’s end of year party. Lanre loves to play with fire and meats with the sole purpose of creating an awesome food experience. Flo’s Grill is located in Toronto, but has customers all over Canada.

What Products Does Flo’s Grill Offer?








Flo’s Grill offers all kinds of Nigerian foods on its menu.

How To Patronize Flo’s Grill ?

Orders can be placed on Potential customers will be able to order on UberEats, DoorDash & SkipTheDishes from May 2021.

Contact Information

You can reach out to Flo’s Grill  through the details below


3. Business Number 3 – La Salle Candles

Seun Ajijala is the owner and Chandler at La Salle Candles. She is an operations professional by day. She moved to Canada in 2017 for her Master’s program, and graduated in 2019. In 2020, she moved from Calgary to Edmonton for a job opportunity, and in early 2021, she got the idea to start a scented candle business. The name of the business is ‘La Salle’, which translates from French as ‘The Room’. The business operates an online store and ships all products from Edmonton, Alberta.

What Products Does La Salle Candles Offer?







La Salle currently offers 9 different kinds of scented candles. These include:

  1. Dreamy: A rich blend of milk, oatmeal cookies and honey, with a hint of cherries
  2. Sweet and Salty: Warm caramel and sugar crystals with a sprinkle of sea salt
  3. Passion: Amber musk meets sandalwood, white rose, patchouli and berries in this sultry blend
  4. Woodsy Spice: This scent combines the woodsy notes of cedarwood, and the rich flowery scent of neroli with cinnamon spice and frankincense
  5. Candy Store: Fruity and sweet, this fragrance is a blend of oranges, lemon, sugar, and good old vanilla, producing a heavenly citrus candy aroma.
  6. Paradise: Coconut, lime, pineapple, this is the best of tropical beach vibes brought to you by La Salle. The weather is warming up. So, accompany this with a nice fruity drink as you lounge by the window/balcony, drinking in the sunshine.
  7. Secret Garden: Sage grass and lily, Jasmine and Rose, this is the perfect springtime fragrance.
  8. Cake: Vanilla Buttercream goodness smells exactly like rich and creamy cupcakes, frosting and all.
  9. Fruit Wine: A sweet fruity aroma of blackberries, apricot and pear with rich notes of red wine

Below are some of the things that make the company’s products different from store brand scented candles:

  1. La Salle uses pure soy wax instead of paraffin wax, which is a safer, better and more environment-friendly option
  2. Candles come with wooden wicks- these crackle and pop, like a mini campfire. I also offer regular cotton wick options.
  3. Scents and fragrances are phthalate and paraben-free, high quality and carefully curated.

How To Patronize La Salle Candles?

Customers can order from Etsy pending the launch of the company’s website.

Contact Information

You can reach out to La Salle Candles through the contact information below

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @Lasallecandles


Final Thoughts On Episode 13

Save the contact details of these businesses and patronize them when you need their services and / or products. Also, refer customers to them.  And finally, if you like this “The Resilient Entrepreneurs” series, share this post and other posts in the series with your friends. Let’s work together to support the small businesses in our community.

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