Settlement Services In Canada For New Immigrant

Settlement Services In Canada

Canada’s government-funded settlement services have so far been proven to help the majority of the newcomers they serve, yet many do not know how to benefit from them. So, if you are new to Canada or about to migrate to Canada, read on. This article will share some of the settlement services in Canada for new immigrant. The interesting thing is that you can access most of these settlement services before your arrival in Canada.

For you to make the most of these services, you have to get the timing right. For instance, pre-arrival services are not going to benefit someone who has already landed in Canada.

Types Of Settlement Services Available

The different types of services can be broken down into six categories:

  1. Support services include translation, child care, and transportation, and others. They are extremely important to those who face barriers to access IRCC Settlement Programs.
  2. Needs assessments help immigrants identify what services they need to support their settlement journey and how to get them.
  3. Information services provide information to help IRCC clients settle.
  4. Language training help immigrants develop language skills. This is a crucial area to immigrants success in Canada. Not only does it help immigrants get jobs, and connect with locals, but in order to be eligible for citizenship you need to be able to speak English or French fluently.
  5. Employment services help immigrants prepare for working in Canada. The services include work placements, mentorship, licensure and certification preparation, networking opportunities, job search skills and matching services, as well as employment counselling.
  6. Community services help immigrants meet friends and get involved in local activities.

How To Get Pre-Arrival Settlement Services

There are settlement services funded by multiple levels of government that can help you even before you arrive in Canada. These pre-arrival services are for approved permanent residents outside of Canada. If you are coming to Canada on a temporary visa status, these services are not for you.

Living in Canada

IRCC offers services to help you prepare to live in Canada. There are in-person services available in Nigeria, China, India and the Philippines. But due to Covid pandemic, most have moved their services online. Through these services, you can learn about life in Canada and this includes healthcare, housing, and transportation. They can also refer you to more specific community services, depending on your needs.

Working In Canada

IRCC also has a list of services to help you prepare to work in Canada. These resources can help you get a job in Canada, adapt your resume, and get your credentials recognized. You will also find industry-specific resources for some profession e.g. architecture, engineering, trades, finance, tech, construction, nursing and others. In addition, you will find the links to province-specific settlement services.

How To Find Right Settlement Services In Canada

IRCC also offers a tool on its website to help new immigrants identify the services that will address their specific needs. This list does not include the settlement services in Quebec. If you are in Quebec or looking to migrate to Quebec, you can check the settlement service search tool in French. Alternatively, you can check the province-specific page that lists settlement resources for future Quebeckers.

Settlement Organizations In Canada

Depending on the provinces or territories you are, there settlement services that can help you integrate easily into the community. Below are some write-ups on settlement organizations in some of the provinces in Canada

  1.  The Settlement organizations in Ontario for new immigrants
  2.  Settlement organizations in Manitoba for new immigrants
  3.  Settlement organizations in Alberta for new immigrants
  4.  The Settlement organizations in Saskatchewan for new immigrants
  5.  Settlement organizations in British Columbia for new immigrants
  6. Settlement organizations in Atlantic Region for new immigrants

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