Settlement Organizations in Saskatchewan for New Immigrants

settlement organizations in Saskatchewan

If you are migrating to Canada and have decided that Saskatchewan is the right province for you, you are on the right page. As you are aware, there are certain things to do before you arrive in Canada. There are also things you will need to do in your first week in Canada. This article will focus on the settlement organizations in Saskatchewan for new immigrants. You will also learn about the services they offer.

If you are landing in other provinces or territories, there will be other articles to address your needs.  For people landing in Alberta, read about the settlement organizations in Alberta. The settlement organizations provide services and programs to help newcomers. They can help with finding the right school for your children. The services include help with finding employment opportunity. No matter your situation, you will find their services helpful.


As with other provinces and territories, Saskatchewan has a number of services to help new immigrants to settle into the province. This ranges from welcome centres to translation services. No matter your situation, there are services to help you make Saskatchewan your new home. You will find below details of organizations and services available to newcomers in Saskatchewan.

Regional Newcomer Gateways

The settlement organizations in Saskatchewan are also known as Regional Newcomer Gateways. They serve as welcome centres for newcomers arriving in the province. Whether you are a new immigrant or moving from another Canadian province or territory, the gateways are for you. They will help you find the people, information, resources and services you need to make your move to Saskatchewan a success. The services you will get from all Regional Newcomer Gateways are free of charge.

Gateway Locations

There are 11 Regional Newcomer Gateways in Saskatchewan. For details of the one closed to your location, click on website address of the respective organization as listed below:

Even if you are living in smaller towns and communities, you will find one  gateway that can meet your needs. and are open to all newcomers to Saskatchewan, including immigrants.

Settlement Advisors

As part of the services provided by the gateway is access to settlement advisor. This gives you an opportunity to ask about anything related to your settlement in Saskatchewan.  Use your Settlement Advisor’s knowledge and experience to find community resources and services to meet your needs. These people can advise you of appropriate services to address your specific needs or challenges, such as:

  • Health and wellness;
  • Workplace issues; or
  • Housing.

If you qualify for services, the Regional Newcomer Gateway will set up an appointment for you with a Settlement Advisor. Settlement Advisor services are free, at no cost to you.



To qualify to receive services from a Settlement Advisor, you must be:

  • A newcomer to Saskatchewan. This means you have lived in the province for less than two years and,
  • Be at least 18 years of age.

Interpretation Services

As a new immigrant, if you do not speak English, the Gateways will be able to serve you, using an interpreter through Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI). Alternatively, you can also bring a family member or friend to translate for you, whenever you meet with the staff at the Gateways.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services

Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) is a free service that provides language translation when:

  • You can’t communicate in English;
  • Have limited English language skills; or
  • Don’t feel comfortable communicating in English.

You can access OPI at Regional Newcomer Gateways, when having a language assessment, or working with a Settlement Advisor. OPI is also available at some Labour Market Service Centres.

Once the service worker calls OPI, an interpreter is usually available within one minute. If not, the OPI operator will ask the service worker to wait on the line or call back in a few minutes.

  • Calls are not recorded and any information you provide is treated as confidential.
  • The service worker may ask for your agreement to share your name, address and contact information (phone and email) with the provincial government which funds these programs.
  • The interpreter will not provide opinions, make decisions or ask questions except to clarify information.

The Gateways will not be able to help you with immigration documents and processes. For help with any of these, contact Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

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