Raising children in Canada – African’s perspective: a webinar

Raising children in Canada is a key part of family life. Moving to a new city, province or country always requires us to build new skills. One key skill you need in a new country is raising your children. On Saturday June 27, 2020, we will be discussing raising children in Canada from the perspective of parents raised in Africa. The session brought to you by the gentlemen of Side Gigs and Extra Bar will be anchored by Georginia Nwoke. She is a registered psychologist and parent.

We will discuss a range of topics which impact, parents, children and the change in culture arising from the change in location. The need to learn , unlearn and relearn by both parties. We will also discuss how parents can collaborate with their children to make the process easier. This will keep everyone engaged, happier and better fulfilled with clear goals for success in the future.

Georginian is the Principal at Gilead Psychology Services, Clinical & Forensic Psychology Service provider in the city of Calgary. At the end of the webinar, the participants will have the relevant information required to make an informed decision with respect to raising children in Canada. The session is free but it requires registration. To register for the webinar, visit side gigs and extra bar Eventbrite page.


In addition, if you have questions that you will want the speaker to address on the webinar, please use the form below.

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