Settlement Organizations in Ontario For New Immigrants

Settlement Organizations in Ontario

Moving to a new country requires that one has the right support system. This can come from families and friends. And for those without family and friends, settlement organizations become useful. These organizations provide pre-arrival services or settlement services. Some organizations provide both types of services. If your destination is Ontario, you have come to the right place.  This article focuses on settlement organizations in Ontario and available pre-arrival services.

Pre-arrival Services

Pre-arrival services are free programs for people who have been approved to immigrate to Canada. You can attend them online or in-person at selected locations. Pre-arrival services offer information to better understand life in Canada. This can include how to find a job and how to access other settlement services. This will become useful when you arrive in Canada. In addition, some programs offer information according to your profession and destination. Such information are language training and essential skills training in the workplace.

Eligibility for Settlement Services

You can access most pre-arrival services if you meet these requirements:

After that, you currently live outside of Canada. Moreover, some programs may have additional eligibility criteria.


Pre-arrival Settlement Services in Ontario

The pre-arrival services include:

While most of the services are free, some services may change or become unavailable from time to time. So, please check the list below for the most up-to-date list of services.

Settlement Services

The services help new immigrants to settle and adjust to the new life in Canada. And their services are available in some schools and libraries also. Their services include:

  • Interpretation and translation of documents
  • Help in filling out forms and applications
  • English classes (ESL or LINC)
  • Help in finding a job or training
  • Information about other community services, schools and health care

Many settlement agencies have staff who can speak other languages aside English. However, if the settlement agency do not have the service or language you need, they will find another agency that does.

For some of the agencies, you have to meet certain eligibility requirements to use their services. More so, you may have to live in a certain area, or have a certain immigration status.

For more information on the available settlement services, see below

  • 211 Ontario – Search for settlement and other community services all over Ontario.
  • – An information and referral website for newcomer youth across Ontario. Moreover, you can get information about school, law, work, health and more here.

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