A Pre-Arrival Checklist For Newcomers To Canada

Pre-Arrival Checklist For Newcomers To Canada

Moving to a new country can become so much easier if you are well-prepared in advance. With a little advance planning and organization, you may feel more confident about your move to Canada. By being prepared and well-organized in advance you can arrive in Canada feeling more confident. As you pack your bags, there are a number of things to complete to help ensure you start your new life abroad on the right foot. In this article, we will share a Pre-Arrival Checklist For Newcomers To Canada.

1. Have Your Credentials Assessed.

If you plan on working in Canada, you might want to have your credentials assessed. This might help you better understand what kind of Canadian jobs you are currently qualified for and what further training you may need to be successful.

2. Prepare Financially.

Moving to a new country can be and this includes moving to Canada. So, prepare yourself in advance for the economic impact of moving abroad. It’s helpful to be informed about the cost of living in Canada, including housing, transportation, and healthcare.

3. Learn About Job Opportunities.

Getting a job might be one of your top priorities after moving here. It’s best to start searching well before you arrive. There are some great job resources to help you prepare in advance for finding work in Canada. The Government of Canada’s Job Bank offers lots of helpful information for newcomers, including job listings, insights on the job market, and guidance on writing resumes and cover letters suitable for the Canadian employment market.

4. Decide On Your Location.

Before you arrive in Canada, take some time to determine which city would best suit your needs. Canada is a vast and diverse country, boasting a variety of vibrant cities and provinces, each with its unique culture, geography, and employment opportunities. It’s wise to research the different regions of Canada and what they offer, including cost of living, job prospects, and cultural activities.

5. Improve Your Language Skills.

Both English and French are widely spoken and are the official languages. If you are not yet fluent in either, consider improving your English and French speaking, reading, and writing skills before your arrival. Numerous online resources, including language classes and assessment tests, are available to help you learn both languages.

6. Engage Canadian Newcomer Services.

As a potential newcomer in Canada, the Government of Canada offers settlement services to help you plan for your life in Canada. Explore Canada’s pre-arrival services for additional information and support before you pack your bags. Covering a wide range of topics from housing and education to employment, this website provides valuable resources to help newcomers like you settle in smoothly.

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