Things To Do Before You Arrive in Canada As A New Immigrant 2

To Do List for New Immigrant

This post is the part two of things to do before you arrive in Canada as a new immigrant. If you are yet to read it, I will suggest you do so now before you continue. This post will be focusing on what you need to do as a family as you prepare arrive in Canada. We will call this your settlement and integration plan..

Key Priorities

As a potential new immigrant, your priorities should include the following actions:

  • if you are married with children, you need to research on schools for your children.
  • Research on affordable housing close the school you want your children to attend
  • Ensure that you know what documents to bring and get on arrival.
  • If required, translate your documents into English or French and get them certified.
  • Contact your Settlement Agency advisor for support. If you participate in any pre-arrival program, you will be assigned an advisor.
  • Learn about the public transportation system, weather and appropriate dress for the climate, shopping and different government and community services for newcomers in the place you plan to live. This becomes importance especially if you are not planning to buy a car immediately you land in Canada.
  • You need to learn about laws, rights and civic responsibilities in the province you intend to live.
  • Conduct research on budgeting to ensure you have a realistic budget planned for when you arrive.

Useful Resources

The resources below should with your reach. While you parking and planning your trip, ensure that you study them. You might need to write them in your diary or bookmark the URL of this page.

Have a Health Care Plan

Some provinces and territories require to have stayed like 90 days before you can get access to the healthcare system. If your destination has this restriction, you need to take out private health insurance for you and your family. This should cover from the time you arrive until you can qualify for the provincial health care plan. You should explore the information on potential family doctor. Also, learn about what facility to go to when there is a medical emergency

Check out this private Health Care Insurance information  especially if you will be settling in BC, YT, ON and QC.


Sort Your Housing Needs

Unless you have a family or friend that can host you for some days, you need to explore how to get temporary accommodation. This will give you enough time to search for a permanent home. You should plan to sort out your permanent accommodation with the first two weeks of landing in Canada. The resources might be of help:

School and Childcare

If you are arriving with your children, you need to do the following

  • conduct research on educational systems in the province I plan to live in.
  • seek childcare and schooling options for your children especially if your children are young
  • plan to register your school age children in school immediately upon arrival.

You will find the resources below useful.

Banking and Tax Information

This should be on your list of what to do before you arrive in Canada. Investigate banking options available to you as a newcomer. Below are list of banking’s offering for newcomers

For relevant information on tax advice, check the following

Immigrant Loan – Bursary and Scholarship Programs – Tax Relief

If you are looking to go back to school,   you need to research immigrant loan programs. You can start by checking out these resources

  • Student Financial Assistance – Information and tools designed to help you save, plan and pay for post-secondary education
  • Education and Training Benefits – Scholarships, grants and funding opportunities for students whether part-time, full-time, with dependents, with disabilities and from low or middle-income families
  • Loans – Immigrant Access Fund (IAF) can help pay for the costs of the Canadian licensing or training. Loans are available for any type of work.
  • For clients that require a profession or skilled trades certification only – Tax relief – Canadian Revenue Agency Examination Fee for Certification

Understand What Is Required To Drive in Canada

Whether you are planning to buy a car or not, understand what to bring from home. You should also review how to get a driver’s permit and car insurance. You can take a look at this guide on how to get a Canadian Driving license. This is a good guide for new immigrants.

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