Settlement Organizations in Manitoba for New Immigrants

Settlement Organizations in Manitoba

Let me start by saying “Happy Canada Day” to everyone. Whether you are in Canada already or landing soon, this applies to you. As a new immigrant to any country, it is important to have the right support system. This support can come from family and friends. It can also come from settlement organizations. If you have decided that Manitoba is your home, read on. This article will focus on settlement organizations in Manitoba. If you are arriving in other provinces, you can visit the link below.

We will keep updating the list with the settlement organizations in other provinces and territories.


What are Settlement Services?

Settlement services are provided to immigrants who arrive in Manitoba. The services include a wide diversity of services, including orientation and information, employment programs, language classes and programs to build connections in the community.

If you are a newcomer in Manitoba, you can talk to a Settlement Facilitator to learn about the following:

  • First steps as a newcomer
  • Important documents
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Banking
  • Weather
  • Law

Whether you are new to Canada, or have been here for many years, Settlement Facilitators can give you information on application forms, including:

  • Social Insurance Number
  • Manitoba Health Card
  • Canada Child Benefit, and tax credits
  • Provincial social assistance and benefits, including Rent Assist and the 55 Plus program

Aside this, Settlement Facilitators can also refer you to agencies and programs in Manitoba, according to your needs. The Settlement services include:

  • Programs for children and youth
  • Family counselling, crisis counselling, and trauma support
  • Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Worker programs
  • Language training
  • Settlement and employment services across Manitoba and
  • Education and workplace training


Settlement Organizations in Manitoba

Settlement organizations are located in different communities in Manitoba. Services offered in communities vary, but all provide core settlement services and referrals to other services including language classes.

Most serve a geographic area surrounding the community. Below, you will find the settlement organization in each of the communities.

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