7 African Food Blogs to Follow

African Foods

As Africans living in diaspora, we always look for information on how to prepare African Foods. This makes us to look for social media accounts and blogs to follow. Irrespective of our location, we love to cook our African delicacies.  One way to learn about our delicacies is to check out African food blogs These blogs provide good platforms to discover new food. You can always learn how to make any particular African food and then remix it your way. In this article, you find a list of top African food blogs to follow.

Even if you are not a foodie, these African Food blogs inspire you to attempt some of the dishes. If you are new to African foodie, this can be a new way to introduce you to the African delicacies. So, read on.

1. Dooney’s Kitchen

Dooney’s Kitchen is one of my favorite African Food blogs.  Dunni Obata, the founder, uses the platform to showcase everything you need to know about Nigerian food. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, you will find something for you on her page. Dooney’s Kitchen is about redefining and promoting Nigerian food. It aims to give Nigerian food the identity that it deserves. Her focus to ensure Nigerian foods are known to be distinct cuisines when compared to other cuisines from the African continent. Decades from now, she believes Nigerian cuisine will stand proudly, recognised as a unique entity of its own.

Etinkeni Mmong Ikong

As you read her blog, you will get to know her, her friends, and especially her Mum and namesake who is pivotal to her many recipes. You will also get to read about the tutelage she has received in the kitchen over the years, courtesy of her cooking heroines, mainly Iye Gbuyi (maternal grandma) and Iyenekere (paternal grandma),


2. Black Foodie

Black Foodiefounded by Ethiopian-Canadian Eden Hagos, is an online digital platform that explores food and lifestyle through a Black Lens. She explores food through a Black Lens. Black Foodie spotlight the best of African, Caribbean and Southern Cuisine. Through the blog, you will discover her stories, culture, traditions and flavors.

Coconut rice

The blog features the recipes you won’t find anywhere else so you can cook like your grandma did- with a twist!  You will also learn helpful tips for hosting and entertaining people (like how to host a dope dinner party! the Perfect playlist, etc). The blog will also help you to find great Foodie events (brunch, dinner parties, restaurant openings, festivals etc.).

3. WhereGhanaEats

WhereGhanaEats prides itself as the portal connecting Ghanaians to the food they Love. Whether you have a business dinner and need the right ambiance to close the deal or you are just looking for the right chop bar to eat your favourite local Ghanaian dish, they have covered.

WhereGhanaEats is a crowd-sourced guide to the food scene in and about Ghana. Whether that’s finding the best places to eat jollof or the best recipes to cook it, the website keeps you informed and updated with insight from Ghanaian food lovers around the world. They take pride in the fact that their content reflects real perspectives about the Ghanaian food experience. If you eat Ghanaian food wherever you may find yourself, share it with them and they will share it with the world.

4. AfricanBites

Imma believes you can have the taste of the tropics, right in your own home.  On Africanbites, you will learn how you can transform fresh ingredients, coupled with pantry staples into elegant and exquisite meals for the everyday home cook. The recipes she makes are not limited to the tropics. You will also learn about cooking food representing other countries.

On the blog, you, you will lean about the very best dishes from all over the continent of Africa, including Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Angola, South Afrixa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morrocco and so much more.  You will also learn about Carribean cuisine which will take you to a whole new level setting your senses alert and your taste buds ablaze. More importantly, the recipes and ideas she shares will make you hungry and lead you straight into the kitchen.

Chicken StewChicken Stew


5. Sisi Jemimah

Sisi Jemimah is a food blog which features delicious, family friendly recipes with thoroughly detailed step-by-step preparation methods, supported with accurate photos. Her recipe is developed by @SISIJEMIMAH.COM. She is a food content creator and a food influencer. She also owns a YouTube Channel called  Sisi Jemimah’s Recipes.  The blog features dishes from Nigeria’s diverse ethnic groups, like the Edikan Ikong soup  and Egusi soup.

On the blog, you will find meal preparation instructions for mouth watering dishes delivered with utmost ease and simplicity, so stay tuned. This is an interactive blog. So, she is open to food ideas, suggestions as well as constructive criticisms.
homemade pizza

6. My Diaspora Kitchen

My Diaspora Kitchen gives you tried, tested and recipes from around the world as Chichi explores different cultures and cuisines. You will find recipes from her Nigerian heritage including her Chicken tikka masala recipe, Mexican Rice, Ghanaian Red Red and lots more. If you love kitchen gadgets, you will definitely find Instant Pot RecipesAir fryer recipes and the Slow cooker recipes on the blog.

Her recipes are mainly African / Afrocarribean, with a very partial focus on Nigerian food. Most recipes on the blog are recipes she either developed or learnt from her mom or other family members and friends. And off course, with a touch of Chichi to them. My Diaspora Kitchen will also feature recipes from around the world that have have found their way into her kitchen and have been approved by the ever so conservative taste buds.

Cucumber Sandwich Receipe

As African immigrants living in North America, you know already that most ingredients sourced here are not the same as when we were back home. This is probably because of method of preservation and possibly length of stay. Whatever the case, you will be cooking meals that taste just like home at My Diaspora Kitchen including meals from other African countries and from around the world.

7. Afro Vitality Eats

Afro Vitality Eats is one of the top African food blogs especially for Africans in diaspora. Cameroon’s Elsie Kriz whips up West African inspired (and Mom inspired) recipes with Afro Vitality Eats. Her blog also shows she can tackle other types of cuisines, in addition to foods from her native Cameroon. Some of her dishes are uniquely Cameroonian, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see something as traditional as kati kati (Cameroonian grilled chicken) served on taco shells.

Blackened Tilapia

Afro Vitality Eats is Elsie’s way of telling the world you can enjoy the flavors of Africa from the comfort of your own kitchen; the harvest from your backyard garden or simple ingredients from your local market. Vitality in food is not just about being healthy, it is about the experience of flavor. And in her case, it is about West African inspired flavor. This blog will feature other recipes that are not entirely West African, but this is ultimately the heart and soul behind her inspiration.