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the Mirror Boy

If you are a fan of Nollywood (Nigerian) movies, you have come to the right page. You can start with the 7 New Nollywood (Nigerian) movies to watch on Netflix in June 2020.  Also, see four African movies coming to Netflix in June 2020. This article will focus on Nollywood (Nigerian) movies coming to Netflix in the next 2 weeks.

Survival of Jelili

Survival Of Jelili is a comic story of an idiot by nature,  The movie is a sequel to Adebayo’s highly successful comedy film, ‘Jelili’. Adebayo returns as his character, ‘Jelili’. He tries his hands on different professions in his bid to attain success. In his quest to attain societal relevance, he takes on different jobs. Most importantly, it will leave you with lessons mixed with lots of laughter to his folly.


Skin is a documentary which explores through the meaning of beauty in all the different shades of black. Set in Lagos, Beverly Naya goes on a journey to learn about contrasting perceptions of beauty. She meet individuals who have dealt with the pressure to conform to certain standards of beauty. In addition, she learns how colorism continues to shape the face of the entertainment industry in Africa.

Mirror boy

A young African British boy goes back to the land of his mother’s birth. He gets mysteriously lost in a foreboding forest and embarks on a magical journey that teaches him lessons in life. The Mirror Boy is a mystical journey through Africa, seen through the eyes of a 12 year old boy, Tijan. After a London street fight, in which a local boy is hurt, Tijan’s mother decides to take him back to their roots, Gambia.

On their arrival in Banjul, Tijan encounters a strange apparition. He sees a boy smiling at him in a mirror and vanishing. Seeing the same boy in a crowded street market the next day sets in motion a chain of events. While Tijan’s panic-stricken mother struggles to find her son, Tijan is left alone in the company of the enigmatic Mirror Boy, seemingly only visible to him. After a bruising spiritual rite of passage, the Mirror Boy takes Tijan on a mystical journey, but not all is what it seems.

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  1. There are some interesting movies on that list. My favourites are Kings of Boys and 93 days.

    @DotunA @seluwole which one(s) have you watched? @Adewale

  2. I love 93 days, phone swap and Kings of boys. I will check out the others. Thanks for sharing :clap:t3:

  3. I love King of Boys.

  4. interestingly, I like the King of Boys also. Aside this, I like “October 1”, "The CEO’ and Hakkunde.

  5. We seems to have the same interest. Which other movies will you recommend?

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