Southern African Movies To Watch On Netflix

Southern African Movies

As Africans, we look for different African movies to watch always. And some times we search for Southern African Movie to watch on Netflix. Irrespective of the genre you prefer, you will find something on Netflix and we have your back. .In this post, we will showcase some of our favorite Southern African movies on Netflix that are available right now. If your favorite Southern African movie is missing, you can use the comment section to add them to the list and we will update this post accordingly.

Shepherds and Butchers

This Southern African movie is a story about a lawyer who takes on a case of a prison guard who is traumatized by the executions he’s witnessed.. Was the lawyer successful? See the trailer below, In addition, plan to watch the movie.



This is one of our favorite Southern African movies on Netflix. This is about the life and times of iconic South African liberation fighter Solomon Mahlangu, who battled the forces of apartheid, come into focus. In 1976, Solomon Mahlangu, a 19-year-old street hawker, is beaten by the police during uprisings. After living in exile, he joins the liberation movement and becomes an international icon of South Africa’s liberation.

Baby Mamas

In this movie, four professional women lean on each other for support in their often confusing and volatile journey to motherhood. Despite surprise news to relationship blues, four coworkers in different stages of motherhood unite  in their struggles with men.

The Siege of Jadotville

Blitz Patrollie

Die Ontwaking

A gruesome and action-packed crime thriller. Die Ontwaking explores the psyche and motivations of a serial killer. The serial killer, Abel, owns of a small gallery specializing in African Masks and Art.  He possesses a deep obsession with young women’s skill. You will see how an inexperienced murder detective joins the search for the deranged serial killer.

Which other Southern African movie did you watch lately? Use the comment section to list them and we will review them. In addition, we will add them to the list if we like them. Finally, if you like this post, show us some love by sharing it with your friends.

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