High Paying Remote Jobs You Should Consider

High Paying Remote Jobs You Should Consider

Millions of people are choosing to work remotely, either as a self-reliant entrepreneur or working for a company. It is believed that some people actually love their jobs, but hate the office. To such people, it is a relief as many companies are opting to delegate some duties to remote teams. In America, over 3.4% of the workforce work from home, either as a part-time or full-time. This was according to statistics by Global Workplace Analytics. So, if working from home interests you, read on. This article shows the high paying remote jobs you should consider

Working from the comfort of the home is a buzz term making waves in recent times. There are a lot of roles that allow you to work from home. The interesting thing is that most of them pay in six-figures. The fields mostly paying well are in the technology, health, banking, insurance, and business services.

How to Become a Remote Career Professional

One of the major things to put into thoughts is to check out if you can comfortably work from home. if you are someone that does not work well without proper supervision, working remotely may not be for you. You need to up your skills in order to be able to land high paying jobs remotely. You will find below some strategies you need to be great at what you do:

Become an expert

Most companies and individuals prefer to work with experts in specific fields. While applying for a remote job, emphasize experience, it will earn you more opportunities.

Expect some direct questions

No company would want to hire someone who would mess up their jobs. So, there is a tendency for you to be asked some very personal or sometimes annoying questions. This is because they want to elicit information enough to entrust their jobs to you because you are going to virtually work out of sight. You will need to explain to them how you would do the job or manage your time in order to give them the best within a specified timeframe.

Emphasize your technical skills

Most remote jobs are handled using computer gadgets. You have to attest to the fact that you can effectively handle technological devices and do your job without any interference. The security information of your client is very important too.


Advantages of Working Remotely

Working from home sometimes working in your PJs, while sipping your favorite orange juice. This is just one of the benefits of working from home. If you are not sure of the benefits, take a look at some of the benefits below:

  • You will save some money: Of course, there is going to be a whole lot of differences in your account balance once you begin to work from home. You are going to save money from commuting to work every day. Also, you are going to save up from food costs since you are likely going to get up and whip up something quickly for consumption.
  • You are in charge of your schedule: With a flexible schedule, you will need to achieve a lot of goals. You are going to work when it suits you and have no one to query you for doing your thing. Also, you will determine the specific hours to work. In between work, you can still get yourself some sandwich, strum your fingers around your guitar strings, dash out to get something on the next street, and do other stuff that comes with working remotely.
  • You can stay more focused: With some willpower and a steady routine, you will get used to the kind of setting. Staying more focused does not cost anything except to help you achieve more.

High Paying Remote Jobs You Should Consider

With the above in mind, let us take a look at some of the highest-paying remote jobs and their estimated salaries.

Software Engineer

This is definitely one of the high paying remote jobs. One industry that keeps ranking high in growth when it comes to remote jobs is the technology sector. Software engineers are specialists in areas like research, analysis, implementation, and monitoring of the software design processes of companies. They need leadership and communication skills in order to scale through the tasks because they mostly work as a team. The average salary of software engineers is $150 000.

Medical Director

Medical directors are tasked with medical roles in healthcare companies or big companies with huge investments in the medical sector. They can confidently carry out their jobs remotely if they wish. However, they could be called up any time to spearhead some meetings and think out some strategies necessary to keep the organization moving. Their jobs involve leading a team of healthcare workers in the hospital or nursing homes. This means that they need management skills and should be board certified in order to work effectively. The estimated salary of a medical director is within the range of $130 000 – $140 000.

Data Analyst / Scientist

Data analysts or scientists can comfortably work from home. Their duties include analyzing large quantities of raw data for a variety of industries. They need specific training for this job. Advanced degree in mathematics, statistics, engineering, or even computer science will be of great interest. Strong writing and communication skills are necessary because they will give you an edge over your competitors. The average salary of a Data Scientist is $130 000.


Senior Business Analyst

Senior business analysts collect data from companies, analyze them, and arrive at a conclusion over the needs of the organization. They work with managers of organizations in order to ensure that best practices are implemented and their recommendations are put into practice to ensure the success of the organization.

A senior business analyst needs strong skills like problem-solving, proper time-management, and communication skills. Writing skills are also required for you to write different proposals and reports related to your roles. Previous work experiences in management and human resources will be of great advantage too. The salary of a senior business analyst is about $120 000.

UX Architect

Their primary role is to conceptualize the layout of a website or mobile app in order for them to be user-friendly. They are also called designers and require skills in website design and programming. A degree in Industrial Design, Human Factor, or Human Computer Interaction will not be bad too. Previous work experience does not hurt as well. The salary of UX architects is estimated at $130 000. This makes it one of the high paying remote jobs.

Actuarial Analyst

An actuarial analyst can best work in the insurance industry. They calculate the potential and financial risks inherent in insurance policies. Consequently, they develop accurate insurance policies for individuals and organizations. Also, they could analyze and review the outcome of an event like volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, floods, droughts, earthquakes, and so on. it isn’t bad to get a degree in statistics or finance in order to scale up your chances of landing great offers. The salary of an actuarial analyst can be between $100 000 t0 $125 000.



An attorney can actually conduct his businesses at home, though appearing in courts and meeting with partners and clients in their offices are inevitable. The kind of law practiced is going to determine how remotely an attorney can work. An attorney involved in tax or patent law, for example, may appear frequently at the office to work out policies and strategies necessary to carry out transactions. He can also do this while at home, everything depends on what is obtainable at a time. As an attorney, you can set up an office at home and comfortably practice your calling. The estimated salary of an attorney is $100 000.

Content Writer

A copywriter or content creator could work in large companies to create compelling copies for their clients. Their roles include creating content for blogs, newsletters, ads, ghostwriting, content marketing, and so on. They may need to appear on sites or offices with clients in order to map out necessary strategies for their job specifications.

There are also writers for different professionals. For instance, a medical professional who chooses to become a writer could focus on medical issues and could be called a medical writer. Working remotely has always favored freelance content writers as they could get jobs in different online sites from clients offering huge amounts of money. The estimated salary of a content writer is within the ranges of $50 000 and $100 000.


In some cases, professional editors earn higher than content writers. There are varieties of jobs that editors do and they include editing books, articles, technical documents, corporate documents, or any other work. Every great online publication, either on websites or social media passed through an editor or a team of editors.

Any article cannot be that great without the third eye of an editor. There are thousands and thousands of online articles, books, and the rest, yearning for the professional touch of an editor. The interesting thing about this is that you don’t need any qualifications to become an editor. All you need is to have an eye that quickly notices errors in written stuff. However, you must be great at English. A professional editor earns salaries up to $100 000.

Product Manager

A product manager performs the task of overseeing the success of a product. They are not responsible for designing a product, rather, they focus on a particular finished product and ensure their quality remains topnotch and improvement is made where necessary. Product management is one way to build a high- paying tech skills while working remotely. A product manager can earn above $100 000.


Project Manager

A project manager plays the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing projects. They are accountable for the entire project scope, project team, resources, and the success or failure of the project. A project manager can earn above $100 000.

In conclusion

You should understand that remote jobs are not meant for everyone. Some people choose to work remotely due to the ‘freedom’ tagged to the job, not knowing that what you call freedom might mean working late into the night. The only difference is that you might have your free time once in a while to attend to other duties, while the 9 – 5 employees are at work.

Being a remote worker also means that you must be available whenever duty calls at the organization. Furthermore, you will also need to build trust over time because it is the only trust that could make an organization hire you for a job, even when they don’t get to work with you all the time.

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