How A Web Crawler Can Help Your Digital Marketing Process

How A Web Crawler Can Help Your Digital Marketing Process

Digital marketing has evolved a lot in recent years. It is not just using the right keywords and posting content consistently. A lot of new elements like technical SEO, local SEO, user experience, etc., now play a role in your marketing success. New tools like website crawlers and logs analyzers are becoming necessary to maintain an edge over your competitors. In this article, we will share our thoughts on how a web crawler can help your digital marketing process.

What is a web crawler?

A web crawler is a tool that collects content from the web to build a corpus for further analysis. Web crawlers analyze keywords and hashtags, index the URLs and the content, rank webpages, check whether links and HTML files are updated, copy web pages, and open discovered URLs to crawl new sites. A web crawler starts with one seed page, collects the content, extracts the data from that page, and finds other pages, and the whole process repeats.

Let’s see how using a web crawler can help your business with digital marketing.

How a web crawler can help your digital marketing process?

Conducting competitor analysis

Web crawlers are particularly helpful in getting tons of information about your competitors. Manually collecting your competitors’ data such as their pricing could be time-consuming, especially when you have a lot of them. Your marketing, sales, and product development team can get a huge advantage with web crawlers. It will give you an opportunity to review what works for your competitors and what doesn’t so that you can apply the lessons to your business.

You can use a web crawler for the following:

  • Pricing: You can adjust your pricing to compete fiercely with your competitors.
  • Offers: New deals or discounts for potential and existing customers.
  • Content analysis: Learning what is working for your competitors and creating relevant content for your business.
  • Product: Keep an eye on new features of your competitors and how they are received.
  • Target audience: See what market segments you are missing out on.
  • New competitors: New businesses are popping up at all times.

Keeping up with trends

Staying updated with relevant information regarding your business and industry gives you an edge over your competitors. With access to the latest information, you can understand what your current customers are in need of and what new segments you can target. Web crawlers can make this process easy and fast by collating lots of information in one place.

Getting real reviews of your brand and competitors

In reality, very few of your customers will care to give you detailed feedback. Even if they do, it could be a bit patronizing and won’t be of much value to you. With a web crawler, you can get comments, posts, and reviews on external websites and forums. Furthermore, you can also get reviews of your competitors as well.

The best part is, it will be genuine feedback! This is indispensable information for your marketing and product team. You will actually get to know what works for you and for your competitors. And this can help you to refine your service offering.

Finding out more information about your competitors

By using a web crawler, you can find out where your competitors are listed, and other listed websites on your vertical and their contact details. If these lists will benefit your business, you can reach out to them and get your business listed on them also. Getting listed on multiple websites can help to drive a lot of high-intent traffic to your website.

In addition, you can also track and find other blog articles. You can then reach out to them and request that they mention your business.

Selecting better vendors

If you depend on third-party service provider for your business operations, you can easily do research using a web crawler. Web crawlers will assist you in getting important details like pricing and service availability of multiple vendors for a particular service. This comes in handy while choosing marketing tools or services.


Using a website crawler for digital marketing will give your business a much-needed boost. A website crawler can help your business in multiple ways and proves to be a cost-effective solution. With it, you can readily gain more information about the industry you are in and your competitors. And this can help you to acquire more customers.

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