United Nations Academic Impact Millennium Fellowship 2021

The Application for the United Nations Academic Impact Millennium Fellowship 2021 is now open for undergraduate students around to the world. There is no application deadline but applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

About United Nations Academic Impact Millennium Fellowship

The United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are partnering on the Millennium Fellowship.  The Millennium Fellowship convenes, challenges, and celebrates student leadership for UN goals on campuses worldwide.  The program is free for accepted applicants. Applications for the Class of 2021 will open in Fall 2020 and will be for a limited number of Fellowships. So, apply early.

The program will run on campuses worldwide from August to November where cohorts of 8-20 Millennium Fellows have been selected. Feedback and stories of student impact will be submitted by December 2021.  You can learn more about the Millennium Fellowship here with additional content here.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must be at least 18 years old, an undergraduate student in a college or university, and in good standing at that academic institution for the duration of the program.
  • You make a commitment to convene in-person least eight times during the Millennium Fellowship (for 2020 the program will run August-December) with your Campus Directors and other Fellows on your campus to share best practices and take collective action. Students have to meet on-campus, in-person for the Fellowship sessions. If you miss sessions, this is grounds for expulsion and the forfeiture of your designation as a Millennium Fellow. Campus Directors have additional responsibilities as noted in FAQs section on “Campus Director Applicants.”
  • Note: We aim to accept at least eight Millennium Fellows from each Campus Hub (with two Campus Directors). Most Campus Hubs will typically have 8-20 Millennium Fellows. The Fellowship is about forming community; therefore we encourage you to share the program with other prospective Fellows on your campus and encourage them to apply as well.

Selection Criteria:

The Honorable Ban Ki-moon powerfully shares what makes an outstanding Millennium Fellow:

“As Millennium Fellows, we need you to lead by example – with empathy, humility, and inclusion as guiding values. You can embrace global citizenship, building a strong global network to learn from and support each other. And your commitment to collaborative action can help make the SDGs and UNAI principles reality on your campuses and in your communities.”

In addition to these guiding values and traits of individuals, UN is looking for cohorts and campuses that will champion this program. This means the following:

  • Frequency: Campus Directors and Millennium Fellows are deeply invested in building capacity through community-building – meeting and engaging with each other as often as possible during the Millennium Fellowship – wanting to fully leverage the curriculum and community.
  • Buy-in: Ideally, everyone all the way up to the University President/Vice-Chancellor gets behind Millennium Fellows, supporting their vision, projects, and collective action. If Fellows’ Projects or collective actions take place beyond the campus, community members are actively involved in leading and shaping them.
  • Impact: Millennium Fellows successfully run their own projects (meeting intended outcomes) and where relevant find success in a collective action (for example, working with administration to update a campus sustainability plan, or hosting a campus-wide summit on gender inclusion). Campus Directors and Millennium Fellows share stories of impact advancing the SDGs and UNAI principles with MCN and UNAI.
  • Continuity: Campus Directors and Millennium Fellows continue to meet regularly beyond the Millennium Fellowship in spring 2021 (and beyond). Also, there is commitment to building out a robust campus hub. Fellows re-apply for the following year and/or nominate at least one other student to apply.


Value of the Fellowship

The Millennium Fellowship exists to help provide undergraduate leaders with the community and platform to take concrete actions for UN goals

There is no registration fee to apply to or participate in this program for the Class of 2021. All Millennium Fellows will receive support on their respective campuses for the duration of the Fellowship.

Duration of Award

The program will take place on selected campuses worldwide from August 2021 to December 2021.

How to Apply

To apply, visit the fellowship website.