Ezera Fund for Graduate African Students at University of California

Ezera Fund for Graduate African Students at University of California

The University of California at Berkeley invites applications for the Emeka Kalu Ezera fund for graduate African students. This article will address everything you need to know about the Ezera Fund for Graduate African Students at University of California. The application deadline is 8th February 2021.

About the Ezera Fund for Graduate African Students 

An endowment has been established in memory of Emeka Kalu Ezera to support graduate students from African countries at the University of California at Berkeley. The funds from the endowment are assigned to the Center for African Studies to aid student scholars at the graduate level concentrating in African Studies.

For administrative purposes, the Ezera competition now combines with the Rocca Fellowship. Ezera recipients may also receive funds from the Rocca endowment. Only one application is necessary. If you are applying for the Emeka Kalu Ezera fellowship, indicate which African country you are from in the appropriate space on the application. The award is for PhD students.

Eligibility Criteria

Below are the eligibility criteria for the award.

  • The Ezera Fellowship gives priority to graduate students from West Africa who show exceptional promise of advancing scholarship in African Studies in the social sciences, humanities, and public policy and who demonstrate strong leadership potential.
  • Students from other African regions are eligible and can apply.
  • Students must have received admission at the University of California at Berkeley when they apply. In addition, they must be a student before they can receive the funds.
  • The fellowship is not available to students who are permanent residents or citizens of the United States.
  • A recipient will receive a total of no more than two years of support. Applications for the second year of support will be considered de novo along with other applications for that year.

Value of the Fellowship 

Students may request for funds for maintenance, travel, or research costs, as appropriate to enhance pre-dissertation and dissertation research on Africa. Also, they can use Ezera funds to supplement, but not substitute for, other grants. Students should apply to other sources, including the Rocca grant.

Currently, grants from the Ezera fund will be in the $500 to $1000 range. In making awards, the Center adheres to the cap on stipends set by the Graduate Division. This, in 2016, was $34,000  for all fellowships.

How to Apply

For more information on how to apply, see the application page. for details.

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