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What Happens When You Wait

Editor’s Note: This 5th edition of YegWatch with Tee Adeyemo” is brought to you as part of a new partnership between AfricaX and LadiesCorner. This episode is on what happens when you wait.

But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31 NKJV

This write up – What Happens When You Wait – was inspired by a song.

Not an ordinary song. I don’t know how you would define an ordinary song. “When you wait” describes the experience of every Christian. I dare say every body. We all have moments when we have to wait.

Wait for our time to take our place on the stage of life. Wait on a line.

We are all inspired by different things.

For some, it is the rising of the morning, the setting sun, the sight of little children, the smell of the earth after a rainfall, a special song played on a grand piano, John Legend,  ducks paddling away in a stream…life inspires us in different ways:

Different things inspire us for different reasons.  I want to consider the type of inspiration from a song. A song that that authenticates your lived in experiences. No battle lasts for ever even though whilst it lasts it feels like it is forever.

Life happens on so many levels.

This song that I am raving about may mean next to nothing to you. I get it. We are affected in different ways, by different things. I grew up in the same household with my sister. She became a culinary goddess amongst other things and I am not just wired like that. We processed experiences from the same household in different ways. This is the beauty of our individuality and the creative inclinations given to us by God.

A poem or a song can ignite the romantic within and cause certain reflections that you may just disdain.

That is the beauty of life. We go through life in layers and in different levels. So, with this song, I come bare. I come with a measure of transparency to say the song validated me.

So, what happens when you wait? When you wait, you become stronger, who knew?

Waiting is never easy.

Waiting is the hardest part of life.

Sometimes, you wait to transition to the next phase of your life.

You wait for a promotion.

You may be waiting for a kid come off drugs.

What of waiting for your spouse to come home.

You may be waiting to heal from trauma.

What of waiting to get an application approved.

They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall walk and not go weary, they shall work and not faint.

Many times we define our lives by an event, an incident, an instrument, a poem or a song. Sometimes, we see the correlation between a trauma and personal growth or a mental decline. Many times, we hear a song and it changes us forever. The stories of our lives are told around songs. What were you doing when you heard some of the world’s best songs like ‘We are the World’ in 1984? Where were you when you heard the most incredible songs of the century?

I don’t know a lot about songs. But this one thing I know, Wait on Lord is my 2021 song.

Rattle spoke life.

Songs have different meanings to people culturally and spiritually. Songs have taken us to places we may not have been able to go on our own. If you know the Toni Braxton song Spanish Guitar, where did that song take you and what did that song make you do?

Or how did you feel after listening to Pharrell Williams’ Happy?

I have come to believe in that there is a  song for every season. What songs mean the most to you? And why?

Last year, the song I could not stop listening to was Elevation Worship’s Rattle. The song spoke life. The song jolted life back into me. It was like an electric shock. I was dead and I knew it. But there was nothing I could do about it 🙁

Maybe I even enjoyed being dead, till Rattle came along and got me straight out of the grave!

There was a spirit on that song. Maybe it was the depression surrounding the circumstances of my life or  that song was the promise of hope and during the pandemic.

Rattle spoke life. There was something on the song that made bones lives again.

Many times, I have returned to Rattle when I feel like I am about to freefall into a dark place. Where do you go when you are about to fall? I turn to gospel music for its redeeming power. I have a friend who turns to the bottle. Where do you go when you cant take it any more? When life demands more than you have, where do you go to get the super power to look life in the face and win?

For the lyrics to Rattle, click here.

Back to “What Happens When You Wait”.

Maverick City and Elevation Worship’s song Wait on You is the song of the year for me. I have played that song like half a million times. Since its release, on the 23rd of April, it has racked up 6.1 million views on Youtube. I have  no doubt that it will do better than Rattle. Even if it doesn’t, it will remain on the top of my charts for 2021.

Wait on You acknowledges that there are seasons you go through when your parents cannot help you. When no one can help, but God Almighty. Sung by Chandler Moore and Dante Bowe, both song writers and worship pastors, these men worked with Elevation’s Steven Furtick to put flesh on a very beautiful song. Pastor Furtick is God’s gift to this generation. I have listened to Pastor Steven since at least 2014. I cannot get enough of his messages. If there was anyone who has affected my mindset, it is pastor Furtick.

Wait on You is God-sent!

When a song has been sent by God to heal or to help you in a season of your life, you take that song literally and run with it.

Wait on You offers in 13 minutes a validation that God is always true. I have tasted his goodness, we are best to wait on Him.

For everything.

In good times and bad times

It is the least we can do.

Whilst you wait – this is the important part – He renews your strength.

The promise of waiting on the Lord in the middle of a miscarriage, Covid 19, unemployment, mental break down, divorce is strength. Healing and breakthrough comes when we wait on the Lord.

Whatever life brings, we have a promise that we can wait on the Lord in the middle of any struggle.

Wait on You is a song from the Album, Old Church Basement.

This post was written by Tee Adeyemo and it first appeared on LCCMedia.

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