How To Shoot Awesome Video

how to shoot awesome video

Creating any video is not a simple affair and does involve a good amount of planning beforehand. In addition, videographers have to work within budget constraints and produce top-notch videos. This makes the videographer’s job a lot more demanding. This article will show you how to shoot awesome video.

One of the foremost things you can do as a videographer is to talk with the event planner. Also, it can serve you well if you pay a visit to the event venue and understand the level of preparation and gear you should take along to create an amazing video. This article offers relevant tips that will make the event an occasion to remember for a long time to come. For the purpose of this article, we will be using wedding as an example.

Get The Details And Plans In Advance

A wedding is one of the most significant events in a person’s life and it needs to be covered in the most exquisite way. To ensure best video coverage, take the couple into confidence and get a heads-up on all the details about the wedding to ensure nothing gets left out.

This includes going to the venue and familiarizing yourself with the existing protocols. Also, it includes speaking to the wedding coordinator in-person to understand the schedule. Besides, it can be advantageous to know the vendors who will be operating on the venue, preventing any last-minute hiccups and ensuring the video coverage goes smoothly.

Select The Right Gear For The Job

You could buy yourself the most expensive camera available in the market, but you need to be sure the camera is right for the job. Therefore, it is not about having the best video camera in the business, rather it is more about the ability to cover the event from the best angles using multiple cameras. Good video coverage is not dependent on the camera alone. You have to ensure that the necessary lighting kits and reflectors are also available. Additionally, you can refer to sources of information online especially on YouTube that can add to your technical repertoire.

Prioritize Audio

The bride and groom may forgive you for not covering the evening party properly, but the same cannot be said about their wedding vows. They might hate you forever for missing or not properly covering the most crucial moments of their wedding. To ensure great audio, go with multiple audio sources recording. Instead of putting a mic on the bride, you can opt for a microphone that can be placed on the officiant or the groom.

Take Part In The Rehearsal

The rehearsal is an event that can be a great ice breaker. It allows to know the couple and the family more intimately. Also, it allows you to get familiar with the venue. Getting familiar with the venue will give you a good sense of setting up the lighting and second camera. Besides, it will save you a great deal of time, which can be devoted to covering the event more productively without the need for last-minute planning.

Capture Enough B-Roll

Having enough B-roll will make your job that much easier during the editing process. It is not enough to capture the exteriors of the venue. The couple expects you to capture their family and friends in attendance. It can be a pragmatic move to cover the crowd using a second camera and this footage will come in handy to cover any rough edits. For instance, you can cut to the crowd in case someone walks into the camera during a crucial shot of the wedding rituals.

Prepare For Low Light Situations

You should anticipate a low light situation for the reception. As you probably know, the light is toned down. This is to allow everyone get on with the party. In such a scenario, it is always prudent to bring along your own lights for certain shots. But remember not to blind the guests with the glare of the lights and use it only when it is utmost necessary. Overall, it is your duty as a videographer not to be the buzz-killer and be the least conspicuous as possible.

In Conclusion

The key to a great wedding video is you. Once you have shot the footage very little can be done to enrich the footage and it only adds to the cost. The best way forward is to plan everything in advance without leaving anything to chance. This ensures you get the best video footage.

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