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African Foods

As Africans, food is one of the things that keeps our families and cultures thriving and surviving. For most of us living in diaspora, we are always looking for African Food accounts to follow. If you are like us, you like food, yes good food. We love to cook our African delicacies. . You don’t need to look any further. The social media is a good platform to discover new food. You can always learn how to make any particular food and then remix it your way.

We have curated some African Food Instagram accounts that will inspire you to attempt some, if not all, of the dishes we know so well growing up. And to the younger generation, this can be a new way to introduce you to the African delicacies.

Note: This list is not in a particular order and may not include some of your favorite Instagram Food accounts.

1. Dooney’s Kitchen

This is one of my favorite Instagram African Food accounts.  Dunni Obata, the founder, uses the platform to showcase everything you need to know about Nigerian food. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, you will find something for you on her page. She also maintains a food blog that you can access here

2. 9jafoodie

9jafoodie, another African Food account, is owned by Ronke Edoho. She focuses on Nigerian Food Recipes. Ronke Edoho shows up how to maintain a healthy diet while eating Nigerian food. To learn more about her meal plan and e-book, Lose It Nigerian, click here.

3. Black Foodie

Black Foodie, founded by Ethiopian-Canadian Eden Hagos, is an online digital platform that explores food and lifestyle through a Black Lens. She focuses on celebrating the best African, Caribbean and Southern foodie experiences.

4. Sisi Jemimah

Sisi Jemimah’s recipe is developed by @SISIJEMIMAH.COM. She is a food content creator and a food influencer. She also owns a YouTube Channel called  Sisi Jemimah’s Recipes”.  Her recipes feature dishes from Nigeria’s diverse ethnic groups, like the Edikan Ikong soup  and Egusi soup which comes from the Efik people in South Eastern and Western Nigeria respectively.

5. WhereGhanaEats

WhereGhanaEats connect Ghanaians all over the world with the food they love. They also maintain a blog which can be accessed here.

6. Dobbys’Signature

Dobby’s Signature is one of our favourite African Food Instagram accounts, She is also a blogger.  Dobby’s Signature is a Nigerian culinary and Lifestyle blog focused on showcasing Nigerian dishes. She explores traditional / continental food recipes and flavors with strong emphasis on Photography, Diversity, Vibrant colors and Health benefits. She also runs a YouTube Channel.

7. Afrolems

Afrolems brings pan-African dishes to the masses, with a a special focus on Nigerian recipes, Afrolems‘ modus operandi is “to stylize African food so it can be internationalized.” Seasonal and celebratory dishes, particularly West African, are their staple. You will also be treated to some lovely photography, such as this mouth-watering bowl of Kedjenou from Ivory Coast.

8. Aftrad Village Kitchen

Aftrad Village Kitchen is a lean, mean foodie machine, knocking up the best of Ghanaian cuisine on a weekly basis. The focus is to help “people connect with their African identity through food.” Recipes span mains, desserts and sides; broad in their scope and often long in their ingredients lists. Special mentions go to street food dish Waakye and condiment Shito, Ghana’s ubiquitous Black Pepper Sauce.

9. Ivy’s Kitchenette

Ivy Mango Chatora, from Zimbabwe, is the food blogger behind the handle. She uses this platform to share her beautiful plates of her take on her country’s cuisine.  She keeps up a blog of recipes you can check out here.

10.  Immaculate Bites

Imma of Immaculate Bites uses food as a tool for people to learn more about African and Caribbean cultures. The beautifully curated Instagram page shows of twists on Afro-Caribbean flavors.

11. Africanfood Yummy

African Food Yummy showcases different African food and Recipes.  The page highlights top quality , delicious traditional and continental from all over Africa.

Honorary mentions:

  • Essiespice: Essiespice is a small batch spices and sauces brand that wants to put African food on the global stage
  • Sudanese Kitchen: This Instagram page makes you feel right at home with the many images of home-cooked Sudanese meals.
  • Thelmz Kitchen:  Nigeria’s Thelma Egbe gives you all the nostalgic feels with her blog and Instagram. She also runs the food blog, Thelmz Kitchen. She really lives up to her motto: Food is love made edible.
  • Kaluhi’s Kitchen: If you are looking for a taste of Kenya food, then this should be on your list.  Bookmark  Kaluhi Adagala’s food blog and Instagram for her unique take on her country’s diverse cuisine.
  • AfrovitalityEats: Cameroon’s Elsie Kriz whips up West African inspired (and Mom inspired) recipes with AfrovitalityEats. Her beautiful Instagram also shows she can tackle other types of cuisines, but we love it when she features foods from her native Cameroon
  • The Yum Cuisine: This gives you a taste of home and Finger-Licking Super Delicious Nigerian Treats.
  • Foods From Africa: She loves celebrating her African heritage, especially through food. She has a simple mission, and that is to bring the best of African-inspired cuisine to you; recipes, stories and resources.

Which other Instagram Food blogger do you follow that is missing on the list? Use the comment section to list them.

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