The Importance Of Keeping Your Family Close

The Importance Of Keeping Your Family Close

Happy Friday everyone. I hope you are looking forward to the weekend and excited about 2021 already. Today, I will be sharing a story that shows the importance of keeping your family close. So, get your popcorn and drinks and keep reading.

This is a a story about an elderly woman who has lost contact with her son. She raised him up as a single mother. To be able to do this, she sold all her possessions. This allowed her to be able to train him and send him to the United States for further studies. Then, the son got married and things changed.

His wife convinced him that his mother was into witchcraft. To make the matter worse, he had to cut all ties with his mother because his wife said that his mother was out to plot his downfall. This is a woman who gave her all to ensure her son has a bright future. While doing this, she wasn’t a witch.

Taking A Deeper Look At The Story

She was a single mother who trained her child and sacrificed everything just to make sure he didn’t suffer. She sold her possessions to ensue he was able to travel the United States for a greener pasture. Why would she do all that just to plot his downfall? Why did she go through all that stress just to make him lose everything? And off course, just for her to lose all her investments as well?

There was a video that went viral of some boys beating their mother with sticks and stripping her naked in broad day light in the middle of the road. They claimed their religious leader said that she was a witch and the one responsible for their struggles.

There Are Several Similar Stories

Do these stories sound familiar? If you are from an African country, stories such as these are all too familiar. We have heard times and again how families are torn apart because one religious leader pined the struggles of someone on their family members. Mothers are usually at the receiving end of this barbaric way of thinking. Also, some siblings are not spared. In fact, lots of children fall victims as well.

There was another story of a little boy that went viral. The parents abandoned the boy and left him to starve. The reason? The parents believed he was into witchcraft. The boy was only three years old at the time. He was rescued and he is now blooming. He can hardly be recognized as the boy who was once starving just a few years earlier. This is currently the ordeal of many African children. And the sad reality is that many do not make it to tell the story.

Back To Our Original Story

If truly the mother was a witch, in her ‘witchcraft’, she trained her son and gave him the best possible life that she could afford. As a ‘witch’, she sold her possessions just to ensure he didn’t go without. She gave up any form of comfort just for him. Yet, the son turned a blind eye to all her sacrifices after being convinced by someone who was not there to see the deep waters she had to go through.

If you are one of those who have abandoned their parents and siblings, who loved you and stood by you when you had nothing, I hope you wake up. Your family members are truly the only ones you got on this earth, in and out of season. From when you were born till you take your last breath., hold them close.

Run away from people, spiritual leaders, seers, and love interests, who tell you that a member of your family is into witchcraft. Run away from those who sow seeds of discord among families. The greater tragedy is disunity and disconnection from the ones who genuinely love you unconditionally. Also, flee from people who hold their families tight but get such highs and thrills from tearing others apart.

As we begin a new year, if you have any issue with your parents, make it your duty to reconcile with them. Call your parents. Reconcile with them before it is too late. Else, you will have to live with the pain of regret and “had I known” for the rest of your life. Regret is a tough pill to swallow. However, it is the bearers cross to bear alone.

I am pretty sure his mother would accept him back with arms open wide. And so will yours. So, fight for your family. Understand the importance of keeping your family close.

May we not forget the sacrifices of our parents and loved ones.

May we not marry anyone who loves to sow seeds of discord among siblings.

Also, may our kids not marry our enemies.

So, call your parents today.

I will leave you with Proverbs 6: 16 and 19: Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

16     The Lord hates these seven things:

19     …and anyone who causes family members to fight.


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