The Best of Frank Donga

Frank Donga

If you are a Nigerian, you probably have watched most, if not all, Frank Donga’s skits. He is the acclaimed professional unemployed graduate. The man behind this character is Kunle Idowu and is a Nigerian actor and comedian. He rose to fame through the web series, The Interview, on NdaniTV. It is a web series about an unassuming job-seeker. He has gone on to feature in several Nollywood movies. We will use this post to showcase the best of Frank Donga. Previously working as a journalist, Kunle is also a a photographer and a filmmaker.

How Did it All Start?

When NdaniTV  brought “The Interview” to us, we did not envisage the interesting journey we found ourselves. And was mainly because of the role Frank Donga played in the comic take on unemployment. Frank Donga went on to become a YouTube sensation, and his character on “The Interview” has created different spin offs on YouTube.

The Best of the Best

The Maths Quiz

The Interview: a tale of Frank Donga

Adele: Hello

The Interview: Salary

Fairly Used News

The Interview: Real Business

The Interview: Patient Dog

For other interesting skits, visit Frank Donga’s YouTube channel. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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