13 Best Password Manager Apps To Consider

13 Best Password Manager Apps

Password managers are computer programs allowing you to generate, store and manage passwords for your online services and software applications. These tools keep all the information for your apps and the websites you use securely. In addition, they encrypt all information and they are one of the best ways for how to remember passwords. These apps keep you and / or your business passwords protected so you don’t need to be concerned about being hacked. In this article, I will share 13 best password manager apps to consider.

Why Do You Need a Password Manager?

Password managers help to keep your credentials secure. Also, they help to prevent sensitive information from being hacked. Your password database gets encrypted with one master password. One of the other advantages is that they usually have military-grade encryption which is extremely hard for hackers to breach. Storage is usually in a cloud server which is a secure platform.


How To Find the Best Password Manager?

Sorting through the best password managers doesn’t need to be daunting. There are several features to look for like at least two-factor authentication. Make sure you understand how passwords are generated. Other features like dark web monitoring and cloud storage are important. However, all of this will be for nothing if you don’t have company password policy best practice in place. The list below goes through some must-have password management features.

  • Role-Based Permissions: As the name suggests, this feature is about restricting access to users that have been authorized. A good password manager might do this based on management roles. It adds another layer of password security.
  • Encrypted File Storage: Protecting your files using a password that allows users to decrypt them is another security layer. The files should never be uploaded to a server. If there’s form filling involved, make sure the encryption only happens in your browser.
  • Password Generator: A password generator is another feature you can’t overlook. Look for this on any interface meant for users. Eight characters is usually the minimum for a good password that’s automatically generated. Look for secure password storage too.

Other features to look for are:

  • Digital Security Analysis: It doesn’t matter whether you need a password manager for your business laptops or other devices. One that scans data for password hygiene is best. Dark web monitoring is another box to check.
  • Emergency Contacts Setup: The idea is to be able to override two-factor authentication if there’s an emergency. Look for a built-in way to set up a recovery-type tool.
  • Automatic Form Filling: Any password manager needs to gather information. This is an authentication feature that automatically fills in the password and any username. You should find one that automatically fills in credentials that have been stored.
  • Password Sharing: Industry-leading password manager tools handle your private documents and logins and store them in a password vault. This is convenient and safe when more than one person needs to access an account. Look for a sticky password option when looking at sharing passwords. This is a great feature for security.
  • Reset Master Password: Many of these tools offer a master password reset option. The LastPass web browser extension allows you to do this.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Options: A good password manager needs to be secure. Two-factor authentication is good. However, a password manager like LastPass premium offers multi-factor authentication. Some of these offer a fingerprint option for a smartphone. Multi-factor authentication can include third-party tools like YubiKey.


13 Best Password Manager Apps

There are several password manager options to choose from. Some are free and others have paid packages. You will find below some of the best password manager apps to consider.

1. LastPass

LastPass has 70,000 business users and 25.6 million clients overall. There are free, premium, and family packages available. This password management tool offers some excellent business tools. For example, secure password storage allows workers their own space to store apps and web logins. Some of the other important policies include centralized control.

This allows business owners to enforce security policies and get insights into their employees’ password behavior. Security is big with this password management software. LastPass uses third-party security firms to conduct audits and test the product. This is an excellent feature for small businesses looking for reliability and security.

2. 1Password

1Password makes our list of best password manager apps for several reasons. You store important data on credit cards and logins. This tool also looks after things your company needs to keep secret like application keys and private certificates. These features make it one of the better deals. Also, 1Password allows business owners to restrict access. Currently, they have millions of customers which include over 80,000 small businesses.

1Password offers some interesting integrations. You can use Slack with 1Password. There is also an advanced reporting feature so you can identify potential security threats. It allows small businesses to see if credentials and email addresses have been exposed

3. Keeper

Keeper is another one of the password managers it does similar things to 1password. It creates high-strength random passwords for applications and websites. It is considered one of the better password managers because each employee gets an encrypted vault.

Keeper is good for small businesses because it allows employees to save time. They don’t need to reuse, reset and remember different passwords. It works for traveling sales teams very well. Because they can have private client data files and credentials.


4. Dashlane

Dashlane is ahead of the competition when it comes to other password managers tools. It uses US Patented Security Architecture and AES 256-bit encryption. There is another feature here designed for work-life balance. Smart Spaces can monitor passwords in either the business or personal space. They also offer one single sign-on that covers different accounts.

The reporting dashboard allows you to look for problems with passwords and make changes. This password management system comes with a free trial. If you are looking to buy Dashlane, there is a business, individual, or family plan to choose from.

5. True Key

As far as secure password managers go, True Key is an industry leader. It uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm. When you are not signing in on a trusted device, this tool offers two-factor authentication for further security. Password management is also automatic

6. LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce offers a variety of features like auto-login and an automatic password generator. There is a multi-factor authentication process and different sign-ups for personal and business users.

7. Zohovault

Zohovault offers one sign-on for cloud applications. Users are able to log on to the apps they use every day without needing passwords. This is one of the best password managers because you can export visual reports from your vault account in PDF format. You can choose a data center from around the world to store your information.

8. Password Boss

Password Boss is the password management system that offers role-based access. This means different members of your team can manage access to clients’ passwords. This tool also offers encrypted data and secured password sharing. That means that you can share internal passwords and customers’ passwords as well as digital notes. There is a dark web scan available and a business and personal option.


9. BitWarden

BitWarden incorporates open-source software for secure data sharing. That means is possible to access password vault data on any device, anywhere you might be working. This tool also has enhanced security. The password vault is regularly audited.

10. Sticky Password

Sticky Password works on memory cards and USB sticks. As far as password managers go this product excels with additional features. There’s an optional Wi-Fi synchronization. It’s considered one of the best password managers available because it keeps credit card information safe and generates strong passwords.

11. KeePassXC

KeePassXC uses industry-standard encryption to store passwords. They are the password management solution offering a tool that logs into your e-commerce website. These browser plug-ins are extremely helpful as a quick and easy way to get these managers working. Security is covered with standard industry encryption.

There are some other interesting password manager features. The password database also works offline. That means you can access your passwords without an Internet connection.

12. EnPass

EnPass allows for secure password storage using over 80 built-in templates. This tool lets you store passwords. Then you can sync them on your own cloud servers. There are several different plans to choose from. Small businesses can begin with a desktop app that’s free and move on to individual or family plans. The one-time plan offers a personal Lifetime License

13. NordPass

NordPass remembers the websites you frequent and fills in the correct password for you. You can share passwords with their encrypted vault. In addition, you can store information for credit cards and even shipping addresses. This is one of the password managers that use fingerprints and Face ID. There’s even a username generator that strengthens authentication.

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