Apply For The Quest University Scholarships

Quest University recognizes the achievement and contributions students have made to their school and local community. Also, it recognizes the contributions students will continue to make at Quest. So, if you are student looking to study in Canada, especially at Quest University, Canada, you can apply for the Quest University scholarships irrespective of your country of origin. The application deadline is 01 March 2021 and it is for undergraduate programs.

Eligibility Criteria

All students, regardless of their country of origin, are eligible to apply for scholarships.

  • The Quest program is rigorous, and an important criterion for a scholarship award is the applicant’s academic record. However, the university appreciates a student who has done well in the most challenging courses available rather than one who achieved the highest grades by choosing an easier route to graduation.
  • The University wants to know about your extracurricular activities — not the number of different clubs you joined, but the passion with which you pursued your non-academic interests and the impact you made on your compatriots and your community. Some ways that you can demonstrate this is through your previous involvements in sports, community service, leadership, theatre, clubs, volunteering, etc.
  • Also, students will to demonstrate eagerness to learn, an ability to lead, a willingness to contribute, and a passion for excellence.

Selection Criteria

The Scholarship Review Committee will evaluate each student’s application for financial awards (scholarship and / or aid) only once. After an award package has been offered, no other financial awards applications will be accepted.

Value of The Quest University Scholarships

The value of each scholarship is $2000 to $18,000 per year.

How to Apply for Quest University Scholarships?

There are two ways through which you can apply for the Quest University Scholarships.

  • Students applying via the Quest Application will be prompted to submit scholarship applications along with their admissions application.
  • Students applying via the Common Application will submit scholarship applications on their Application Management Page after the Common Application is submitted. After you submit your common application, you will receive log-in information for the Application Management Page.

Although optional, applicants should submit reference letters and a resume or CV to support their scholarship application.

For more information, visit the scholarship webpage for details.

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