Immigration Journey: Lucia Isibor’s First Year In Canada

Immigration Journey of Lucia Isibor

This post is a continuation of our immigration journey series. In this series, you will read about the steps others took and lessons learnt on the journey. If you missed any of the earlier posts, see below:

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Today, we will be sharing the immigration journey of Lucia Isibor. You will read about how she started her journey to Canada and what she is currently doing.

Who is Lucia Isibor?

Lucia Osasumwen Isibor is an African immigrant with a diploma certificate in Applied Microbiology. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in General Microbiology and a Master’s degree in Public Health.

How It Started

I have always wanted to study in Canada, live in Canada and fulfill the Canadian dream. I believe this is the case with many others. However, all my efforts to secure an admission into a Canadian university did not yield any positive result. I shifted my attention to US. Fortunately, I was admitted to study at the University of Wyoming, United State however, this did not come to fruition.

Again, I shifted my focus to the United Kingdom (U.K.) where I secured an admission for my Master’s program. Fortunately, I was given the visa.  To move to U.K.,  I had to leave my position as an Executive Financial Advisor at the Insurance department of First Bank Holdings in Nigeria. At the time I submitted my resignation letter, I had worked with the company for over four years. Many people couldn’t understand why I was resigning to go back to school.


While in the United Kingdom (U.K.), I still had that burning zeal in me to come to Canada. The desire grew with every new day I stayed in U.K. One day, I made up mind to try one more time. I restarted the application process and my application was approved.

Starting Over in Canada

I moved to Canada in 2019. It has been just a little over one year now that I arrived in Canada as a new immigrant. In my short stay in Canada, I have had mixed experiences. For instance, in my first eight months, I was weak, vulnerable, and filled with self-doubt. However,  I did not give up on God because I know He will never give up on me no matter the situation. Please note that some people had it smooth. So, your experience might be different from mine.

I came across a few people whose jobs are to tear others down to their level. They never had anything good to say about others. In the same way, I met some very kindhearted people who have been helpful in one way or another. These people want you to succeed no matter what it costs them. Amongst them are the folks at Startupcourt. Startupcourt helps you to nurture your idea no matter how rough the idea is. They work with you on every step of the journey to bring it to reality. If you are in Canada and looking to start a business, you can reach out to them.


Becoming a Chin-Chin Business Woman

One of the ideas I discussed with the team at Startupcourt is making Chin-Chin. They worked with me to birth the business. Today, I am proud to say that I now run my own business. The journey wasn’t easy as it looks, but the support I receive on a daily basis gives me motivation to continue on this journey. You can follow Special Home Made Snacks on Instagram.


In case you are wondering, Chin-Chin is a Nigerian pastry food or snack made from a kneaded dough of flour together with other baking ingredients. There are different ingredients you can add to get that yummy taste.

Chin-Chin is just like an emergency food that you can have with any drink of your choice when hungry and it always saves the day. If you are a Nigerian, you are probably a fan of this snack – Chin-Chin – more like “Gala” and the famous “Lacasera drink”. They always save the day when hunger visits. If you are in Calgary and will want to buy our “Chin-Chin”, please get in touch with us. We currently deliver all over Calgary.

Next Steps

I want to be able to contribute to my community in which I live by teaching others how to make the tasty chin-chin. My plan is to make Chin-Chin in a larger scale and be an employer of labor.  Becoming an entrepreneur is a dream come true and I must give credence to the Startupcourt who has pushed me to achieve this feat.  Finally, to God alone be all the glory and this is just the beginning. This is my immigration journey so far.

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Editor’s Note: This story was written by Lucia Isibor with slight modification by the editorial team. Do you have anyone you want us to feature in our immigration journey series, please get in touch.

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  1. This is a story of persistence. It shows that it doesn’t matter how many rejections you receive on your way, keep the focus on the ultimate goal. @Snack @DotunA

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