Immigration Journey: How To Turn Adversity To Blessing

How to Turn Adversity to Blessing

This is a continuation of our immigration journey series. In this series, we will be writing about the immigration journey of Ayo Alli. You will read about how to turn adversity to blessing. If Ayo can do it, you can do it also. If you missed previous series, you can read them below:

So, sit down, relax and read Ayo’s immigration journey in his words. You will learn one or two things on how to turn adversity to blessing.

Who Is Ayo Alli

Ayo Alli is a Nigerian immigrant and a medical personnel who currently resides in Ontario, Canada. He moved to Canada with his family in 2018.

The Beginning

My Canada Journey began in 2017 after going through the industrial actions partly due to JOHESU and also the Federal Government of Nigeria. I wanted to pursue my medical career in a clime where I can keep up with the current trends in medicine and more importantly to build a life for my wife and children.

I wrote IELTS and entered into the express entry pool in late 2017. Short;y after, I got ITA and submitted my application early  2018. We received our PR and moved to Canada same year.

Settling Down In Canada

Settling down in a new environment was a bit challenging. From searching for a house to securing our first jobs, it took share determination, doggedness,  resilience and hard work. The most important key for me is God’s favor. I was resolute in place of prayer and fasting for God to show up and connect us to destiny helpers. And trust me, He did! Yes, God always shows off.

The main challenge then was balancing work, to get money to pay bills, and also studying for my professional exams. There are other alternative Healthcare career pathways but I was determined to get my medical license and start practicing with the best. My wife, who was a lecturer and a PhD student at the University of Ibadan before we left, had to go back to college. As a new immigrant, to break into and get the very best out of Canadian system, you need to secure the required certificate, license and experience. She also had to juggle work, school, and pregnancy.


Things Started Coming Together

To God be the glory,  after college, my wife got a job and delivered a bouncing boy. I also passed my exams and started the process of getting my license. I also wrote the licensing exams in the UK because training there as specialist gives you direct specialist appointment in Canada. With God on my side, I also passed the exams and was given training position.

During one of our prayer sessions in 2020, my wife and I kept claiming the keys to our house this year. But truthfully, my mind could not comprehend it. I kept pushing back in my mind. Every time the thought came, I would push back and say, “give yourself a few more years”. Unfortunately, in May 2020, my landlord sent me a message that he wanted to renovate his Basement which we rented. Initially, I was downcast. I checked Kijiji but prices were just ridiculous for a  basement apartment. Moreover, there are strict rules that won’t accommodate a family of 4. In addition, my Mum, who came to visit, got stuck in Canada because of COVID-19  lock down.

In summary, God connected me to a real estate broker and his team. To God be the glory, the real estate broker showed us a house which we like. We closed the purchase and move in. We are currently living in our house. This is a story of grace. This was beyond my imagination. From living in a basement to becoming a home owner, everything happened in less than 2 years in Canada.

I never see this kind God before, Wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder.. Indeed from lock down to leaping and lifting up! All glory to Yahweh!!!

Have A Positive Mindset

No matter your stage in your journey, have a positive mindset in life and always confess positively.  Don’t allow the present circumstances to cloud the glory and blessing ahead of you. Challenges may show up but with determination, faith and prayers, you will surely overcome. Other people are in your situations. As a new immigrant, you need to learn how to turn adversity to blessing.

Also, seek valuable information from resource persons and even the system. Don’t be afraid to pick the phone and call or even book appointment with government agencies, banks etc. Trust me, there are so many things you won’t know are available to you if you don’t ask or take a leap of faith. Try to network with people in and outside your industry. Relationship matters. Most recruiters leverage their relationship when it comes to job placement and some people won’t refer you if they don’t know you. Reference letter or good recommendation goes a long way.

Finally, Canada is a great country and richly blessed with resources and nice people. You just have to be patient, work smartly and connect with people to get the best out of it. My story would have been difficult in another country but God helped me in this Canaan land, called Canada. I wish you all the best in your journey.

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Notable Replies

  1. This is actually a story of grace. Some times what we call adversities are blessings in disguise. This reminds me again that no matter how tough your challenge is, things can always turn out for good. Let’s continue to have positive attitude.

  2. I agree with you @annika. We all need to learn to maintain positive attitude irrespective of the situation although this isn’t easy. This is why having the right support system comes in. This can come from friends or family members.

    There has to be someone you can call in terms of needs that can have your back. If you currently have none, now is the time to build that support system.

  3. You are spot on. We all need to build good relationship especially because we are in a new location where we are far from our family and friends. :clap:t3:

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