Remote Job Opportunities for Parents with Young Children

Remote Job Opportunities for Parents with Young Children

Job searching when you have young children can open up another world of possibilities. But how do you know which remote jobs are best for parents of school-aged children, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic? How can you expect a role to impact your work-life balance? Read on to learn about remote job opportunities for parents with young children.

As a parent of young children, before exploring the various remote jobs available, you need to determine what type of job you want. This ensures that you don’t spend your precious time applying to positions that aren’t the best fit for your needs. The starting point is having a good idea of the industry and type of position you are looking for. However, there are additional job details you need to consider as a parent looking for a remote job. You will find below some things to consider as you search for your remote position.

Things To Consider As A Parent

Work Flexibility: As a parent of young children, you may want to work around school hours, regardless of whether your kids will take in-person or online classes. So, you need to find out if that will be a possibility with any role you are applying for. You need the flexibility to set your schedule as needed each day.

Work Hours: For every job, there could be standard business hours required that may or may not suit your family’s schedule. So, before you apply, understand what the requirements are and how they will fit your schedule and any changes you may have to make.

Travel Requirements: Some jobs require you to travel for a certain period of time and this means going away from your family. So, decide beforehand whether you want to travel or not and this should affect your final decision on whether to apply for the job or not.

Once you understand your need and especially the type of position you want, next step is to start your job application. You will find below the different types of remote job opportunities for parents with young children.

Remote Job Opportunities for Parents with Young Children

1. Information Technology

Technical skills will continue to be in high demand, even more so than now. IT jobs cover a wide range of positions, from tech support to engineers and developers. Depending on your skills, you may be able to get a remote IT job that fits your schedule.

2. Marketing and Sales

Sales roles are some of the most diverse telecommuting positions available. At almost every level of business, companies require salespeople. Available marketing positions vary as widely as sales since every industry is in need of marketing services in one form or another. Regardless of your expertise, you can find remote marketing and sales positions in a wide variety of industries.

3. Finance and Accounting

There are companies hiring for remote financial and accounting roles either on a part-time or full time basis.  Many small businesses look for part-time bookkeepers to manage their accounting. Some companies also hire part-time and seasonal contractors ahead of April’s tax filing deadline.

4. Education

Because of Covid-19, education remote positions are becoming more widely available. Universities are looking for online adjunct faculty members and teaching assistants. In addition, some schools are now looking for online instructors, industry experts, and academic coaches.

5. Writing

Freelance writers and content creators are often used in business, marketing, and advertising. Whether your specialty is immigration law, sports, journalism, or copy-writing, there is a writing niche to be filled, one in which you can be your own boss as a freelancer. The beauty of this is that you control your time and schedule. So, if you like writing, this is definitely one of the remote job opportunities for parents with young children to consider.

6. Customer Service

Customer service is one of the top remote job opportunities for parents with your children. As long as you  have reliable business equipment and a quiet place to work, this is definitely something to consider. Many businesses have call centers that manage their customer service efforts. This allows you to work as a contractor. In addition, you can also work for some companies as their internal customer service representative..

7. Recruiting

Contract recruiters are needed in a variety of settings. As a recruiter, you help businesses and staffing agencies attract and hire top talent in their industry. Your work can include screening resumes or headhunting. You can even work as technical or school recruiters. Aside this, your work can include handling the entire recruiting process from beginning to end. Whichever one you chose, you will definitely find something that fits your schedule..

Final Thoughts on Remote Job Opportunities for Parents With Young Children

No matter the type of job you are looking for,  you will encounter a wide range of remote jobs that will fit your schedule. Not only are more remote jobs coming due to COVID-19 concerns, but they are also available in a work schedule that fits best with you and your family, whether it is full-time, part-time, or freelance.

As you begin your remote job search, remember to take into consideration what is important to you and your family. By knowing your priorities, you can focus your job search on what will truly fit in with the needs of your family.

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