How to Get Your Resume Noticed By The Recruiter

How To Get Your Resume Noticed

When looking for a job, having a great resume is the starting point.  Your job search success will depend on your job search strategies. There are job search strategies for new immigrants that you can implement to improve your chances of career success. As you probably know, many job seekers don’t encounter a real, live person until getting past an initial electronic screening round. This is why you need to get your resume strategy right.  This article will show you how to get your resume noticed by the recruiter.

Use The Right Keywords

Studies have shown that recruiters take on average 6 seconds to view resumes. Depending on the recruiters workload and amount of resumes they have received, they do not have much time to go through every resume with a fine-tooth comb. As you probably know, many job boards ask you to upload your resume and then “match” you to jobs that fit your experience and expertise. The key to getting those “matches” is using the right keywords.


Keywords related to your past work and the work you would like to obtain should be embedded into bullet points. For example, if you have expertise or knowledge of a specific software or technology platform, include those in your work experience and how you used them when you were in a specific job. Adding a skills section to your resume can be another good way to call attention to specific skills and tools with which you have expertise. Always remember that the goal of a resume is to land an interview for your desired job. So, create a resume that reflects what the recruiters or hiring managers are looking for.

Limit Your Resume To At Most 2 Pages

Rule No. 1 is to keep your resume to one page or at most two pages. The one-pager is the first test of your ability to clearly articulate a wealth of information on a limited canvas. If you are having a problem limiting it to one page, limit it to at most 2 pages. Moreover, if you think the stuff you have to leave off is still important for hiring managers to see, make a web copy and put it on your personal website and add a link to it.

Make Your Resume Easy To Read

Aside using the right keywords, your resume must be easy to read. Avoid using fonts that look like handwriting, as they can get muddy via electronic delivery. If you can, avoid adding graphics or photos to your resume. To showcase your design ability and work samples, use your online portfolio and you can include its link on your resume. suggests using a font like Arial or Times New Roman in size 10 or 12 for maximum readability.


Contact The Recruiter or Hiring Manager Directly

Most job seekers find it easier to apply through a company’s career website. However, if you really want to get your resume noticed you need to get it in the hand of the hiring manager or recruiter hiring for that position. While this may be easier for smaller companies, it can be difficult for larger companies. One easy way to go about this is to use LinkedIn. Even if you can’t find the person you are looking for, you can still find someone that works in that company that may be able to help you with the information you are looking for. Direct contact with the hiring manager or recruiter will get your resume a closer look than applying with the masses.

Finally, avoid using cliché words on your resume. Also, remember that most recruiters only give 6 seconds to resumes. So, you need to get to the point immediately. If you are results focused, give live examples to drive that point home.

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