Ways You Can Support Black Owned Businesses

Small businesses make up a vital part of our economy and are crucial for helping our communities thrive. Where possible, we should always try to support small businesses, but it’s not always easy to figure out how or what the best ways to contribute towards black owned business growth. In this black history month, we will share some tips on ways you can support black owned businesses.

Patronize black owned businesses

The best way to support black owned businesses is with your dollars. Businesses need customers to thrive, and being intentional about where you shop from makes a significant difference for black owned businesses. If you are not sure of which black owned business to patronize, you can read our posts on the resilient entrepreneurs. So, skip major retailers where possible and try to spend more consciously if possible.

Promote black owned businesses on social media

Even if you are not able to patronize black owned businesses, you can promote them. Spreading the word about them and their products and services is just as important. If you are on social media, you can use your platform to promote black owned businesses by sharing your positive experiences and helping them draw in new customers. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are all important channels for small businesses, and you can share content to encourage others to shop from black owned businesses.

Post reviews of great black owned businesses

If you found a black owned business that provided excellent service, post reviews about it. Most shoppers increasingly rely on reviews to make purchasing decisions, and every review helps. Writing detailed, positive reviews can help to boost their visibility. In addition, it can help them gain new customers.

Offer mentorship and resources where possible

Another way to support small business is to provide mentorship and resources where possible. Is there a way you can help the business grow? Whether it is providing pro bono consulting services, or mentoring young business leaders, consider where you can add value for under-served communities.

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