Cherie Blair Mentorship Program for Women in Business

Cherie Blair Mentorship Program for Women in Business

The Cherie Blair Mentorship Program for Women in Business offers personalized business support to women entrepreneurs through online mentoring. Through the programme, business women could receive one year of support that is tailored to your business needs and goals.  Participants will meet with their mentor online for at least two hours each month to work on their business goals.  You will meet using Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. There is no charge for this programme. All you need is a commitment to your mentoring relationship and business. The application deadline is April 22, 2022.

About Cherie Blair Mentorship Program for Women in Business

Mentoring Women in Business was born from the belief in the power of mentoring, in the role technology can play in building connections, and in community as a powerful force for change. By forging these elements together, Cherie Blair Foundation created a new way to support women entrepreneurs around the world to grow and strengthen their businesses and build their skills, confidence and knowledge.

This bespoke online platform matches women entrepreneur mentees from low and middle income countries with business professional mentors anywhere in the world. They work together for a year to forge and work towards a plan for the woman’s business and personal development based on her goals. A strong mentoring partnership has incredible rewards for both mentee and mentor.

Who can apply for Cherie Blair Mentorship Program ?

If you meet the requirements below, you can apply for the program

  • This program is suitable for women running businesses at all different stages and in every sector. Some participants have businesses with 50+ employees and have been in operation for decades. Others are just starting out and don’t have any employees.  Mentoring is useful throughout your entrepreneurial journey
  • The key to success is in your commitment.  Participants must be running (or about to launch) an enterprise, able to access the internet weekly and meet with your mentor online, proficient in English and passionate about working on your business goals with your mentor.
  • Also, you must be able to commit for one year.  You will be expected to be proactive in communicating with your mentor and available to meet according to a schedule you agree together.

What Participants Stand To Benefit From The Program?

Mentors and mentees collaborate for a year to work on the mentee’s personal development and business goals. Combining their strengths and talents they make inimitable strides together.

Mentees go on to achieve outstanding results, from revising business plans and strategies to launching products, gaining confidence, building skills, improving financial systems, growing networks and more!

Mentors reap similar rewards, gaining valuable knowledge of new cultures or industries, developing their listening, communications and leadership skills, and contributing to the success of another person and their business.

Learn more about becoming a mentee or mentor and read about their experiences.

How The Program Works?

To ensure the pairs get the most out of their time together, the relationship is s into four key phases:

  1. Get to know each other
  2. Set the direction and goals
  3. Work through the action plan and objectives
  4. Reflection, conclusion, and graduation.

Everyone works differently. So, in their pairs, the mentors and mentees decide precisely when to meet and for how long. The program only specifies that participants meet for at least two hours per month using the bespoke mentoring platform.

The team will guide you every step of the way, offering dedicated support to ensure that pairs get the most out of your relationships and the online platform.

Also, they will monitor progress and check in with you to see how each mentoring pair is doing.

How to Apply for the Program

For more information about the program and how to apply, visit the Cherie Blair Mentorship Program for Women in Business website.

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