9 Top Board Games For Entrepreneurs

Top Board Games For Entrepreneurs
As a business owner, there are so many things you can learn from games and especially board games. Families, teams and groups of individuals have been entertaining themselves with business board games for decades. Board games give you the opportunity to learn to be a business owner. Also, you can learn how to invest in the stock market while laughing, competing and enjoying fellowship. In this article, I will share some of the top board games for entrepreneurs.

What is a Business Board Game?

Board games are educational tools designed to teach players business concepts and strategies through an entertaining competition. While playing business board games, players often learn about topics like management, finance, investment, organizational behaviour and human resources. Business board games come in a variety of forms. This can be card games, farming games or even escape room team building games.

Why You Should be Playing Business Board Games

Below are some of the benefits you stand to gain from playing business board games:

  • Teamwork – Business board game players often have to work together to compete, learning teamwork in the process. So, business board games can be an excellent team-building exercise.
  • Strategy – Being able to think on your feet and quickly develop better strategies are important skills to succeed in the business world. Business board games teach players these skills.
  • Financial literacy – As a business owner, you need to be able to manage your money. When playing many business board games, players will learn to account for their earnings, budget and manage their expenses.
  • Recreation – Business board games are fun. Whether a team is learning to work together or a student is learning to invest, the experience can be fun when playing board games.


Top Board Games For Entrepreneurs

Some of the top board games have been around for decades, while others are newcomers with plenty of expansion packs. Below are some you can explore:

The Entrepreneur Game

This is one of the most popular strategy games. Players of the Entrepreneur Game learn valuable skills in subjects like math, budgeting, critical thinking, investing, branding, marketing and negotiating. The Entrepreneur Game is a great choice for team-builders, and people who play it will be ready to successfully launch their own businesses.


Monopoly is one of the top business board games in the world. The classic game features a game board with properties that players can purchase, upgrade and charge rent to others. For you to win the game, you need to have the most money and real estate at the end of the game. For over a century, millions have fond memories of playing Monopoly with their families and friends.


Moonpreneur is a real-life simulation business game for teams and families. While having fun with fellow players buying properties on the moon, you will be learning about many aspects of business and finance. In fact, this game is so educational and entertaining, that is impossible to lose at it.


Bulls and Bears

Bulls and Bears is a business board game that teaches how to build a fruitful stock portfolio. If you are learning to be financially free, this is a game for you. The game teaches financial management as players learn skills for saving and investing their money.

Ice Cream Empire

When you compete to win at Ice Cream Empire, you can learn valuable skills you need to build a successful business. To get ahead in this game, you need to showcase skills in math, geography and money management. However, you will be having too much fun to realize how much you are learning about entrepreneurship. The winner is the first player to build 8 ice cream stores.


Acquire is a board game that teaches you how to manage your own hotel chains. As a player, you don’t have to stop with building a hotel chain or selling real estate, you can also can plan, build and own the next super city. As you build their business, you must buy, trade and sell stocks, and the entrepreneur with the most money wins against the other players.

Free Market NYC

This is a competitive and strategic business board game. Free Market NYC is based on the principles of a free-market economy. Players must manage groups of people across different assignments to achieve their vision for the city. Game activities might include anything from purchasing merchandise at an auction to establishing partnerships in shops and factories or even taking over competitors’ business and capital.


GoVenture is a fun and educational board game, The game requires players to test their skills in a variety of areas. With different activities assigned to recreate the challenges of entrepreneurship, GoVenture offers a fun and engaging way to build teamwork while learning how to start and run a successful business. Also, this is a great game for impatient players as everyone plays on every turn.


Steam: Rails to Riches

Steam teaches you what it takes to be a railroad tycoon. In Steam, players are granted an initial investment to build a track. Then, they must establish their railway, manage the business and expand their empires. While having fun playing this unique business board game, you can learn about geography, business, shipping, and European transportation.

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