How To Energize Your Team For Better Productivity

Energize Your Team For Better Productivity

Your team’s productivity can make or break your business. Companies with worn-out employees encounter a myriad of obstacles. They have high absenteeism rates, high employee churn, less production, or low-quality output. However, with a highly energetic and productive team, you can put in more work into your marketing and sales initiatives, fulfill more orders, and have a positive work culture, which lowers employee churn. In this article, we will share some tips on how you can energize your team for better productivity.

Productivity Activities for Your Business

Run a fitness challenge

Employees who live sedentary or unhealthy lifestyles are often tardy and sick. Studies show a strong connection between health and productivity. The healthier a person, the more focused and energetic they are to deal with their to-dos. In short, they will be more productive. This is why holding a fitness challenge can do wonders for your team’s energy and productivity levels.

For example, let your team use a wearable fitness tracker and monitor their number of steps. Those with the highest number of steps in a week can win prizes. You can also track their gym attendance. Those who stay consistent or those with the most hours in the gym win the challenge. Running fitness challenges will help your team perform their work at peak conditions and minimize instances of anyone calling in sick.


Organize games or contests

Games are a great breather for employees, especially when they are reaching the point of getting burned out. You can solve free, online jigsaw puzzles with your employees to boost problem-solving skills, or even play productivity-boosting card games.

Run a quick contest to see who can finish the puzzles and card game first, and set up cool prizes for your contests. Interestingly, you don’t need to spend thousands on the prizes. Think of something affordable, fun, and worthwhile. Quick and on-the-spot fun activities will shift your employees’ minds from their stressful work to something lighthearted and fun.

Conduct financial literacy training

Employees who are buried in debt or worried about whether they have enough money to pay for rent are immensely stressed. If you have had your fair share of financial problems, you know how nerve-racking this can be. That is why helping your employees manage their finances better will improve their energy levels. When they aren’t burdened financially, they are less stressed and have more energy to deal with their tasks.

Before you put together a training program, run surveys or polls to know which finance topics your employees are more interested to learn. Some might be more interested in how to save, others about how to pay debt, while others might be into investing.


Encourage community service

Community service is awesome! Not only does it give your employees a chance to do meaningful work, but they can also have a change of environment. It’s not uncommon for people who do volunteer work to gain better social and relationship skills. They can learn more about themselves and their peers — helping your company cultivate a more cohesive team with a high level of self-awareness.

If your team is well bonded, they can work better. The work environment becomes conducive to teamwork and removes needless, destructive drama.

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