7 Movies To Watch on Netflix This Long Weekend

7 movies to watch on Netflix this long weekend.

There is something about Fridays that gets us excited. If you are one of our avid readers, you may definitely feel this way. This Friday is unique because it is the beginning of a long weekend. So, today, we will continue with our Friday routine. Many people already know what this is but if you are a new reader,read on. In this article, we will be recommending 7 movies to watch on Netflix this long weekend.

Whatever your movie preferences are, there are plenty of other options to choose from this weekend. Whether you prefer a rom-com, documentaries, crime thrillers, or something based on a true story, there are movies and TV shows galore for every member of your family..

Molly’s Game

If you are a fan of Idris Elba, Molly’s Game should be on your list.  The movie follows Molly Bloom, a former Olympic class skier who runs an exclusive poker empire for celebrities, business tycoons, and the mob. In this movie, Molly becomes the target of an FBI investigation when her empire is exposed. Jessica Chastain is having a blast as the typical hyper-competent Sorkin protagonist. Also, she has plenty of chemistry with Idris Elba, playing her lawyer. Molly’s Game is overall one of the more purely enjoyable dramas of the past couple of years.


The Half of It

The Half of It, inspired by Cyrano de Bergerac, is the ultimate small-town flick with a big heart. The movie follows Ellie Chu, a less-than-popular girl from the tiny town of Squahamish, New York. Chu is known for making pocket money by writing homework papers for her classmates. One day, a popular jock, Paul Munsky, asks her to write a love letter to Aster Flores, another girl at their school. What Munksy doesn’t know is that Chu is secretly in love with Flores too. Although there are plenty of coming of age Netflix original films, few have the genuine charm and nuance that The Half of It has plenty of. The Half of It joins the roster of great teen coming of age Netflix original movies.

Marriage Story

Marriage Story follows the lives of Charlie and Nicole as they go through an increasingly bitter, coast to coast divorce while raising their only child. The film carefully splits its time between both Charlie and Nicole, making them feel fully three dimensional, and making their actions completely understandable even when they act cruelly towards each other, with their respective lawyers. Marriage Story is heartbreaking, vital, and one of the best acted films of the year.


Arranged to marry a rich man, Ada is crushed when her true love goes missing at sea during a migration attempt. Atlantics follows Ada, who’s to be married to another man but is in love with construction worker Suleiman. When Souleiman and the other co-workers leave the country for a better life, mysterious events ruin Ada’s wedding days later. While having elements of romantic drama, Atlantics quickly turns into a beguiling supernatural tinged, beautifully shot magic realist drama. Atlantics is one of the very best movies currently on Netflix. This makes it one of our top movies to watch on Netflix this long weekend.

Always Be My Maybe

Reunited after 15 years, famous chef Sasha and hometown musician Marcus feel the old sparks of attraction but struggle to adapt to each other’s worlds. Always Be My Maybe follows chef Sasha who, after a breakup, begins feeling old sparks of attraction with a childhood friend after seeing him for the first time in fifteen years. The movie is genuinely charming, thanks to the performances from Wong and Park. Always Be My Maybe is perfect if you are in the mood for a solid and charming romantic comedy.


Good Time

After spearheading an ill-fated bank robbery, a man must get his mentally challenged younger brother out of jail. At the same time, he needs to elude his own capture. Good Time follows Connie, a would-be bank robber, as he attempts to get enough money to get his developmentally disabled brother Nick out on parole. His attempts lead him all over New York City as circumstances get progressively more dangerous for both Connie and Nick. Good Time is yet another great film by Safdie brothers, who are proving to be two of the best directors working right now.

Inside Man

In this movie “Inside Man“, a detective matches wits with a thief who’s always one step ahead of the cops and when a loose-cannon negotiator arrives, things spin out of control. This is definitely one of Spike Lee’s most crowd pleasing blockbusters to date. The heist thriller centers on police detective Keith (Denzel Washington), robber Dalton (Clive Owen), and Manhattan power broker Madeleine (Jodie Foster). They all become involved with an elaborate Wall Street heist over the course of a day. Inside Man is a cinematic delight that shows that even Spike Lee’s lower-stakes fare can still pack a punch.

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