How To Grow Your Social Media Presence In 6 Easy Steps

How To Grow Your Social Media Presence

Are you a business owner, a blogger or just a social media enthusiast who is interested in growing your page and reaching a wider audience? If yes, then you will love this. In this article, I will share some tips on how to grow your social media presence in 6 easy steps.

Sync Your Social Media Pages

First step is to create and merge your social media pages. This sounds basic but it is very key. To enjoy the most of these platforms, it is necessary to register across 2 or more at least. My personal recommendation would be Instagram and Facebook and/or Twitter. Ensure they are all in sync so that you can easily post the same content across platforms to your audience.

Be Intentional and Consistent

It is paramount to have the right mindset about the use of social media. Set SMART goals and work towards them. Whatever approach you adopt to growing your page, make sure you are consistent. Allot time daily to do social media “stuff”. This could include creating content, designing or editing, posting and engaging with your followers and other pages too. Expunge the mind-set that social media is a huge task. You can do it!


Have The Right Approach

What is your approach to branding? What makes your brand stand out? Why should people follow your page versus your competitors? What really sets you apart from others? If you can answer these questions truthfully, then your page is on its way to making waves. When we think of branding, we immediately think of the unique identity of a brand, its name, its logo, its services, but there is more.

On social media, you can have a colour or style to your post or page, such that once people see your post, they can identify that it is yours. Have something unique to you that will differentiate your page from others. This is how you become marketable. Come up with strategies that are unique to you, and please do not be afraid to put yourself out there as the face behind the brand. In an era where there’s lots of internet scam, people want to connect with HUMANS not Bots!

Content Is Key

What content are you churning out of your page? Now, this is what will keep your followers glued to your page. Social media is very similar to your everyday life. People tend to identify with you when you have a positive impact, relevance, and a great personality. People will follow your page if your content is relatable, impactful, inspirational, meaningful, educative and/or funny, depending on what the page stands for. Make sure you are creating content that aligns with your goals, and this applies to the caption on those posts as well. Ensure that your content, whether via post, IGTV, reel or story, is very clear and the picture quality is top notch. Download apps for photo and video editing to help in this regard.

Create Awareness For Your Pages

The next area of concern is advertising. How are you creating visibility for your product and services? If you want your brand to grow beyond your comfort zone, you need to invest in advertising. Once you have the right content, seek out ways to create awareness. Trust me you need more than “friends and family” to grow your business.

There are billions of people on the internet looking to patronize small businesses. So, do not underestimate the reach your brand can get simply by advertising. You gotta spend money to make money. You can advertise on your social media platforms through paid ad / sponsored posts. Alternatively or in addition, you can reach out to influencers and brand promoters especially the ones that already have your target audience as followers. You can collaborate with these influencers to run different initiatives. These can include giveaways, paid partnerships, product reviews or brand ambassadorial options. The options are limitless.


Engage With Your Followers

Finally, but definitely not the least in the chain of events, you need to engage with your followers and with other pages, as well. How would you feel if you walked up to a friend and said “Hello” but instead of a response, they just walked away? You would not like that I guess. Well, that is what happens when you post something and someone comments but then you ignore. You need to make conscious efforts to reply to DMs, comments and / or questions left on your post.

Create content with captions that will require people to actually comment and please use the like button. In addition, pin some of your favourite comments and please be very polite. Remember that engagement is not a one-way street. So, be sure to also visit other people’s pages, like their posts, leave comments, share their posts and save some. This will make your page visible to even more people beyond your circle.

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See you again soon.

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