Top Investments To Make Right Now

Top Investments To Make Right Now

Irrespective of your current status, our basic needs are still related to physical well-being. These include food, water, and shelter. Not only do we need it, we need to have and feel secure in our access to it. As you probably know, it’s hard to make long-term plans if you don’t know where your next meal will come from, even if your belly is full today. This article will focus on top investments to make right now to secure your future.

If you work minimum wage, your conversion rate from hours to dollars is low. All of your income will be from active work. This makes you a proverbial hunter-gatherer. If you don’t hunt or gather any day, you don’t eat. You have to work an hour or two just to buy a meal each day. In fact, you have to work a few more hours in order to pay for your house and transportation to your work. If you are not careful, the cycle continues. So, start today to take care of your future.


To move ahead you need to save money and invest it in skills and equipment. You will need to improve you, your tools and systems so you can earn more per hour.

Invest in Near Term Security

The first on the list of top investments to make right now is creating an emergency fund. This fund ensures that the emergencies of life don’t derail you for too long. Without a fund, small emergencies become big ones and big ones may become catastrophic.

The emergency fund helps you weather inevitable emergencies. For instance, if you miss the bus and don’t get a ride immediately, you may to miss the start of your shift. That is a bad situation to find yourself. Your emergency fund can help you cover the an Uber ride and this ensures you make it on time.

Invest in Skills & Education

The next critical investment is the one you make on yourself. You need to attend that course or even pursue that degree. The transition from one level to another in the hierarchy of needs is always the same. It requires a fixed up-front investment that improves your conversion rate on time into money. That investment may require money but not always. However, it always requires time.

Investing in other things is necessary but investing in yourself is the best. You have to keep pushing yourself to improve your academic credentials and skills. It may be tough in the beginning but the end product is great. If you invest in self-improvement, it stays with you forever. No one can take it from you.

Invest in Your Future

As you focus in investing in emergency fund and yourself, you need to take a long-term approach. This is where passive income investments become necessary. While you can work forever, you don’t want to have to work forever.

By making passive income investments, you can generate future or near-future streams of income that are separate from your active time. The balance of your investment accounts represents far more than dollars and cents. They represent how much of your future time you get to control.

Investing in sources of passive income is the key to building long-lasting wealth because your dollars work for you. If you build passive income streams, those dividends can start paying for daily expenses like food and shelter so you don’t need to work as much. This is one way you are able to retire earlier than 65.


So, invest in yourself and invest in your future.

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