Top In-Demand Jobs In Canada

Top In-Demand Jobs In Canada

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way many people work. While there has been several job loss in some sectors, there is high demand for more talent in other sectors. You can read about the federal government’s research on how the pandemic has affected the labour in Canada. In this article, we will share top in-demand jobs in Canada.

For more on specific job prospects, you can check the federal government’s trend analysis tool. This allows you to view the trends in your occupations of interest.

Information systems analysts and consultants (NOC 2171)

Much like other IT occupations, information systems analysts and consultants help companies transition to remote work. They were essential workers while most of the provinces were in lockdown. As more companies expand their products and services online, there will be more demand for talents with this skillset. Also, digital processes are growing and so is the risk of cyber-security breaches.


Computer and information systems managers (NOC 0213)

Due to covid-19, many companies are now implementing telework for the long term. Also, there are more virtual services such as e-commerce, medical appointments, job fairs and this would call for more IT workers. All of these developments will drive up demand for tech professionals as firms adapt to new ways of working.

Advertising, marketing and public relations managers (NOC 0124)

Although there has been a drop in spending on traditional advertising during the pandemic, the industry is increasingly going digital. Also, preliminary budgets suggest companies plan to increase spending on advertising, especially digital ads. This, therefore, creates more job opportunities for those with knowledge of modern technological methods.

Web designers and developers (NOC 2175)

This is actually one of the top in-demand jobs in Canada right now. Web designers and developers are integral in helping businesses build their online presence. Due to the nature of their work, many people in this sector already had telework capabilities before the pandemic. As the trend toward online shopping continue to increase, there will be more job opportunities for workers in this field.

Biologists and related scientists (NOC 2121)

These workers include immunologists, virologists, bio-information workers and pharmacologists who are researching COVID-19. The research and development of more vaccines and treatments will continue to support job opportunities for workers in these occupations.

Computer programmers and interactive media developers (NOC 2174)

At the beginning of the pandemic, these workers were in demand to help design COVID-related digital media to support dissemination of information. As the demand for digital products and services increases, there will be more opportunities for these workers, especially as the global e-learning market grows and more companies try to engage their customers online.


Database analysts and data administrators (NOC 2172)

Throughout the pandemic, the government and other organizations have prioritized case tracking and COVID-19 data analysis. These workers have been involved in much of the COVID-data analysis process. A continued interest in COVID-19 data and analysis will support these job opportunities. Aside this, there are more concerns about data collection, storage, and management. The shift to online solutions will increase jobs in these occupations.

Graphic Designers and Illustrators (NOC 5241)

As more companies and businesses offer their services online, the demand for graphic designers and illustrators is on the increase. If you run an e-commerce platform, you will need to create content and graphics for your products and services. So, you will need to hire a graphic designer or illustrator.

Medical laboratory technologists (NOC 3211)

There was a shortage of lab techs even before the pandemic due to a high number of retirees and a low number of new grads available to take their place. The covid-19 pandemic has made the supply of these workers even more scarce. Also, as the population ages, the number of job vacancies in this occupation will continue to grow.

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