Top Freelance Websites to Find Work

Top Freelance Websites to Find Work

Freelancing can be a perfect way for people to get new job or work. As you probably know, hiring freelancers is an efficient way for small businesses to grow a team. Most of these jobs are available on freelance job websites.  And then job seekers can browse these opportunities and market their services. Whether you are looking for a new freelance job or work, below are some of the top freelance websites to find work.


Upwork is one of the best freelance websites because of its large network of both freelancers and businesses. The experience is completely customizable. Freelancers can browse projects posted by businesses or post their own predefined projects for businesses to bid on. There are also tons of categories, including design, writing, IT, sales, and accounting. Also, Upwork hosts all the communication and payment processes between businesses and freelancers right on the website. For payments, Upwork charges transactional fees. This is usually 3 percent for those hiring and a sliding scale for freelancers. The more work you get on the site, the less they charge.


Fiverr is a freelance website built for projects. There are no hourly rates — just project based pricing. So, freelancers can find the jobs that best suit their skills and experience level. There are a wide array of categories on the site, including design, marketing, translation, video, audio, tech, and writing jobs.  Like many other freelance websites, Fiverr hosts transactions right on their platform. This allows them to charge transaction based fees for freelancers and businesses. These vary based on the price of the project.



Toptal is one of the best freelance websites for accomplished professionals and the companies looking to hire them. In fact, the website brands itself as a freelance service for workers in the top three percent in their field. Businesses can find professionals from a variety of industries, including software development, project managers, and finance experts. Of course, not just anyone can sign up for an account on Toptal. You have to qualify first. However, the professionals who qualify to market their services on Toptal can easily connect with companies that are willing to pay for quality. This is often a departure from those on traditional job boards who are looking to find the best deal when filling a freelance job.


FlexJobs specializes in remote work and flexible job opportunities. This may include a freelance job or a traditional position that simply allows people to work remotely or on their own schedule. This is perfect for anyone who values the ability to work from home or those who want to travel. The site runs on membership plans. So, you need to pay a subscription fee to post jobs or see full opportunities.

LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn ProFinder is a platform for finding freelance work right on the popular business networking site. As a business, you can create a project and then receive proposals from up to five providers. Or you can browse service providers in your category of choice. Freelancers can apply to these proposals or create their own offers that businesses can browse. There are opportunities for nearly anyone on LinkedIn. Categories include finance, operations, law, real estate, photography, and freelance writing jobs, among others. Of course, one of the biggest benefits of this option is that so many businesses and freelancers already use LinkedIn for other purposes.


TaskRabbit is a freelance website aimed at those looking for quick labor jobs or help with everyday tasks. Both individuals and businesses can hire workers on this platform. For freelancers, the platform is perfect for handymen, movers, delivery drivers, and anyone looking to earn quick cash on labor based jobs. TaskRabbit also specializes in same-day service. So, it is ideal for those looking for quick help or a fast payday.


AngelList is part of, the world’s largest startup community. Freelancers can search or browse opportunities by industry, keyword, or location. And startups can find candidates who are interested in joining their team in the early days. AngelList offers freelancers tons of exciting opportunities to get involved in during the early days of running a company. Many workers prefer this type of environment due to the freedom and creativity available in such positions. Posting and applying for jobs on AngelList is free.



Thumbtack specializes in connecting local professionals looking for work with homeowners and businesses who need assistance. Small businesses can find help for everything from snow plowing to office painting. And local professionals can sign up for a profile and compete for jobs right in their local communities. Thumbtack is free both for professionals and those looking for freelance help. Service providers can create a profile and then show up higher in search results for jobs in their category. This is a perfect option for those looking to turn their freelance service into a full time gig.


Freelancer is one of the best freelance websites for businesses that need to work with a variety of freelancers. There are tons of categories available, including web support, data entry, translation, app development, social media, and sales. So, if you are trying to find work, the large network of businesses that use this job board provides a major benefit. Freelancer is free to sign up and get started. The site does charge transaction fees for businesses that accept bids. Exact fees can vary, but usually fall around 3 percent.


Crowdspring is a freelance website that aims to simplify the process of hiring a freelance design person. The site offers a huge variety of design talent including those who can create logos, business cards, social media graphics, and even packaging. There are a few ways to use the site. You can start a project and then choose the best designers. Or you can start a 1-to-1 project to work with freelance designers directly. Crowdspring has a customer support team available to answer questions and help you find the best freelance candidates. For designers, the site lets you bid for projects that are especially relevant to your skills and experience.


Behance is a freelance site mixed with a social network for designers. Those looking for design jobs can post visuals to showcase their work or bid for jobs. And companies looking to hire designers can browse the site for inspiration or post their own jobs. In addition to freelance jobs, the site also lets companies post full and part time design jobs for those looking to hire in-house. So, if you are a designer, you can create a profile and upload some of your work. Then you can share it to social media, your website, or elsewhere online. This may not be the most traditional way to find the best freelance jobs. But there are plenty of companies who may hire designers based on an online portfolio like this. Applying for jobs on Behance is completely free. However, you do need to be invited to sign up for an account.


Guru offers a secure platform for top freelancers. The site offers a variety of categories for freelance jobs, including administration, programming, writing, art, finance, legal, and education. The site verifies freelancers and publishes feedback to give businesses peace of mind. So, it is generally not a place for entry level positions. If you have years of experience or highly sought after skills, this may be one of the best freelance sites for you.


Work Better Now

Work Better Now is one of the best freelance websites specifically for finding virtual assistants. For businesses, this frees up your time so you can work on the important tasks required to grow your business. For freelancers, virtual assistant jobs provide reliable income and work you can do from nearly anywhere.

Upstack is a freelance site specifically for developers. The website offers a large pool of global, vetted candidates to help businesses find the best freelance developers quickly. And for freelancers, the site provides access to companies looking for targeted candidates. So, your chances of finding a relevant freelance job are extensive. Upstack earns money by marking up developer rates. So, freelancers set the amount they want to be paid. Then, companies receive pricing information that includes those extra fees. This allows both sides to get the rates they want without having to calculate unexpected expenses.


PeoplePerHour is one of the best freelance websites for those looking for hourly work or those looking to hire people per hour. Businesses can simply post a project, browse candidates, and connect with those who seem like the best fit. On the other side, freelancers can post offers, which are set bundles of services that businesses can browse. This gives them more control over the process and can save businesses time by avoiding the need to create actual job listings. There is no fee to register for an account. People Per Hour simply charges transaction fees, which range from 20 to 3.5 percent.

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