How To Become Accredited As A Foreign-trained Lawyer in Canada

How To Become Accredited As A Foreign-trained Lawyer in Canada

After immigrating to a new country, the next critical thing on the agenda is to get a job. Sometimes, this ranks higher than getting an accommodation. This is because bills will start rolling in and it doesn’t matter whether you have a source of income or not. This is the same situation in Canada. And if you are in a regulated profession, there are certain things you need to do before you can get to practice. Today, we are starting a new series – Pathway To Practice. It will be a video series where we will interview different foreign-trained professions and get their perspective on how they secure the necessary accreditation to be able to practice in their profession in Canada. Today’s focus is on how to become accredited as a foreign-trained lawyer in Canada.

Pathway To Practice: Legal Profession

As you probably know, many foreign-trained lawyers find themselves unable to practice law in Canada because their credentials are not recognized. In this video, we had a conversation with 3 lawyers of repute who have been called to bar in Alberta and Ontario.

  1. Moyosore Sadiq-Soneye LLM
  2. Omoshalewa Onayemi, LL.B, B.L, MBA
  3. Osehise Lawretta Odigie, LL.B, BL, LLM

As part of the discussion, we explored the pathways to becoming accredited as a foreign-trained lawyer in Canada. They shared their experience and the process of getting called to bar in a Canadian province. Our conversation was revealing and it shows that there is immense opportunity for growth in the legal industry in Canada. So, if you are a foreign-trained lawyer looking to practice in Canada, this should be on your playlist.

What are you waiting for? Get your paper and pen ready and hit the “play” button below.

Bookmark this video and share it with your lawyer friends who are migrating to Canada or already in Canada. Enjoy!

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