How To Be Successful In Your Remote Job Interview

How To Be Successful In Your Remote Job Interview

Aside saying goodbye to commutes and escaping the distractions of an open office, remote work certainly has its perks. While it is clear how awesome remote life is, there are steps you need to take to be able to land that work from wherever job. As with every other job search, finding ways to stand out is key for anyone on the job hunt. However, interviewing for a remote job isn’t the same thing as one that comes with an office. This article will show you how to be successful in your remote job interview.

1. Learn the necessary tools

Companies expect remote employees to be comfortable collaborating and communicating digitally. As a result, most companies are now using tools that make it easy for their employees to work effectively from home and still be productive. So, learning and being well versed in popular tools used by remote companies is critical to getting a leg up on the competition. Most of these tools are free or have some free component. Therefore, spend some time to play around with them and get the hang of them.


2. Consider starting a side project

Most companies hiring for remote positions are always looking for self starters i.e. people who can take on tasks without supervision. Side projects are an excellent way to demonstrate accountability and creativity. These don’t need to be huge projects. Simple things like contributing to an open source project or even building a prototype that showcases a relevant skill will help. It is even better if you can create a website to show these personal projects.

3. Learn about project management

Planning and organizational skills are must-haves for remote workers. This is because it is easy to let things slip when you don’t have constant interactions with coworkers and managers. Learning the basics of the project management (PM) methodologies will prepare you for whatever system the company uses. Set yourself apart from other candidates by using one of the PM methodologies to manage a personal project or a task at your current job.

4. Improve your communication skills

Remote work relies on constant non-verbal communication with coworkers and external clients. This is why most companies look for strong writers when filling remote positions. Although no one expects you to be a master of prose, but being able to communicate effectively and eloquently is an absolute must. Keep in mind that writing skills are like muscles. So, the more you exercise, the stronger you get.


5. Take on a hobby

Remote work can burn out employees faster than traditional office jobs. This is because there is no set hours. Therefore, people often feel the need to work around the clock. So, ensure you have a work / life balance. Don’t be shy to talk about activities you like to do with your family, or anything else that is important to you outside of work. These anecdotes give you personality and show that you use downtime to recharge.

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