How to Adopt a Career Growth Mindset

Adopt a Career Growth Mindset

There are two different mindsets: the fixed mindset which tries to live in a steady-state world, and the growth mindset which is constantly in the state of change and openness to change. If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it is that we need to be even more responsive to change. We need to anticipate change and expect that change is the new normal. And this applies to our jobs and career. In this article, we will explore how to adopt a career growth mindset.

How Do You Develop A Career Growth Mindset?

One thing that prevents us from engaging in a growth mindset is the inertia we have accumulated all these years. So, we must reorient ourselves toward a new mindset. Sit down and make a list of some of the things that you tend to rely on as predictable and stable in your job. Stare at that list and question whether or not what you think are stable are still stable.

Take a look at the role you do and question whether or not those roles are still relevant. You need to ask yourself some tough questions and be ready to answer as honest as possible. Is there something else you could be doing in the work you are currently doing? Is there something else you may be better suited for?

Use creative imagination to think about what you could be doing? Make it a stretch from what you are doing currently but not out of the realm of possibility. You should try to experiment with a new way of working and possibly new relationships to see if that is what you want to do.

In addition, you can volunteer and perform work internships in the new area that you are looking at. That is also a great way to develop a growth mindset.

What Else Do You Need To Do?

Reevaluate yourself from being a supplicant to being a partner

Where that comes into play is in the interview. If you are an older individual, they are expecting you to come in with a certain matter of confidence, mindfulness, maturity, and a sense of ease and self-acceptance. That is what going to set them at ease and make them feel more open to you.

When you are a supplicant you are trying to fit into some specific job description. But what you want to do is think of yourself as their partner. So, before any interview, do your research and identify how you can help solve their problems.

In addition, be prepared to interview them as much as they are interviewing you and find the common ground and fit. They want you to be more proactive.

Go for the project and don’t go for the job.

In the workplace, we are more and more focusing on projects instead of jobs. Think about positioning yourself to work in the beginning, middle, and end situations.

Having a project-based mindset gives you more authority around what you are doing. Think of the assignments that you are getting right now. How can you reframe the assignments as beginning, middle, and end projects? This will help make what you do more productive. It will help change your mindset.

You are never out of work.

Never categorize yourself as unemployed. People might wonder why are you unemployed. Maybe you are trouble? A different mindset is never being out of work. You are a professional regardless of whether you are being paid or not. This is where volunteering comes handy. It helps you to continue to add value to both yourself and an organization.

So, if you are not currently working for someone you want to list yourself as a “consultant.”  Also, you need to stay up to date in your industry. You should be still connecting with people. Never think of yourself as unemployed. You may be in between gigs but not unemployed.

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