How To Achieve Career Success As A Newcomer

How To Achieve Career Success As A Newcomer

If you are arriving in Canada soon or already in Canada as a newcomer,  one of the items on your list will be how to settle in fast in your new environment. And this includes getting the right job. This is a significant step to launching your life in your new country. To set your Canadian career in motion, you will need to equip yourself with a career success plan. In this article, I will share some tips on how to achieve career success as a newcomer.

What Is A Career Success Plan?

A career success plan outlines the steps you need to take to reach your career goals. This can be through education, training, accreditation, professional development courses, or even networking. You can develop your career success plan independently or work with a career coach. It

Once you have your career success plan, the next step is to invest in yourself to acquire necessary skills and knowledge. Investing in your skills and knowledge can make you more competitive in a Canadian labour market where in-demand skills are a valued asset.

Below, we will share some tips on how you can achieve your career goals.

1) Prioritize your career plan

For most newcomers, balancing personal commitments and work with your career success plan can be demanding. So, you need to put your career plan and its associated action steps at the top of your priority list. Every day, carve out time to complete small tasks. One way to make things easier for you is to strategically schedule your days or weeks ahead. This will give you sufficient time to study, complete professional development coursework and build your professional network.

2) Choose the right education pathway

As a newcomer, there are numerous ways to enhance your skills and knowledge through education. This can include post-secondary programs or professional development courses which are industry-specific, like bridge training or micro-credentials. To find your fit, you need to consider the type of industry you want to work in, and the certifications, training or professional development courses required. So, look at different job descriptions to decide what level of education you need. Aside this, you can get recommendations from friends, career coaches or colleagues so as to determine the educational opportunity that is right for you.

3) Embrace Technology

If you are serious about reaching your professional goals, you need to embrace technology. You can start by using the free Government of Canada online career planning resources to understand your areas of interest and skills better. Then, you can plan your action steps using virtual tools like the Alberta-based alis platform. or a multitude of others. This can help you track and measure your progress toward achieving your career goals.

4) Have a financial plan

Understanding how to finance your career plan as a newcomer to Canada is almost as important as the plan itself. Without financial support or resources, you may not be able to achieve your career success plan. This is why it is important to develop your financial plan while developing your career success plan.

Your financial plan should consist of the following

  • income sources (where the money comes from),
  • goals (how you want to spend it) and
  • timing (when you will be spending it).

There are many free financial planning templates you can use to develop your financial plan.

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