Government of Canada Recruitment of Policy Leaders (RPL) Program 2021

Government of Canada Recruitment of Policy Leaders

The application for the Government of Canada Recruitment of Policy Leaders (RPL) Program 2021 is now open. The application period runs from October 27 to November 9, 2020. This is for everyone who wants launch a stimulating and fulfilling career in the federal public service. In addition, you will become a policy leader, and help shape public policies on the most challenging issues of the day.

Opportunity to become a policy leader

The Recruitment of Policy Leaders program recruits accomplished Canadians with the potential to lead positive change and make significant contributions to the federal public service. The program forms a pool of stellar recruits, ready for hiring in a variety of mid- to senior-level policy positions across the federal government.

To qualify, you will need a strong record of outstanding academic performance, policy-relevant experience, as well as leadership and initiative. All disciplines and professional backgrounds are welcome. Also, you will also need to be passionate about public policy and be ready to drive innovation to address Canada’s most pressing policy challenges.

You should consider applying if you are interested in:

  • developing creative solutions to Canada’s most challenging policy issues?
  • advising senior government officials in a fast-paced environment?
  • joining Canada’s public service in a mid- to senior-level policy position?
  • working on diverse policy issues and charting your own career path based on your interests and expertise?
  • joining a highly-connected network of passionate and driven alumni?

As a successful applicant, you will join a pool of talented and accomplished academics, scientists and professionals.


Benefits of the program

Below are some of the benefits of the program

  • Access opportunities that align with your interests and fields of expertise, in a variety of government departments
  • Work with a mentor to help you network and guide you through the job search and hiring process
  • Have your academic record and professional experience recognized
  • Be part of a professional network that thrives on challenges and is eager to tackle Canada’s most critical public policy questions
  • Take part in orientation sessions and regular social events, connecting you to other successful candidates and learning opportunities

Selected candidates join the public service in intermediate level roles, typically as senior policy analysts (EC-5 to EC-7, or equivalent groups and levels). Salaries may range from $87,308 to $127,950.

Eligibility Criteria

The Recruitment of Policy Leaders is a competitive program that selects outstanding candidates with proven track records of academic excellence, policy experience, and personal initiative and leadership. You are encouraged to read through the requirements to assess whether you would be a good fit for the program.

There is no unique or standard background, and candidates from all fields are encouraged to apply. Successful candidates typically have received significant scholarships, have several years of policy-relevant experience, and have led initiatives to benefit their community or other organizations.

Below are the eligibility criteria:

  • a post-graduate degree from a recognized university (master’s, PhD) or a law degree complemented by any undergraduate degree, obtained by December 31, 2021
  • a strong record of academic excellence, including major awards, scholarships, publications in peer-reviewed journals, or admission in internationally competitive academic programs
  • a deep understanding of public policy, as well as policy-relevant experience, drawn from roles in government, academia, private sector, or non-governmental organizations
  • a sustained record of personal initiative and leadership shown through participation in extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or leadership roles in the community
  • other skills including analytical thinking, judgement, creativity, communication, values and ethics, and effective interpersonal relationships

Please note that non-Canadians living in Canada can apply to the program.  However, preference will be given to veterans and Canadian citizens (in that order) who meet the job requirements.

How to apply

To apply, visit the application page. Successful recruits work in a number of unique policy jobs that put their skills to the test. This includes the digital economy and economic growth, leading on climate change, anti-poverty, health and foreign policy.

What to expect when you apply

If you meet the requirements at each stage, here is what you can expect:

  • you will receive an electronic invitation to complete a writing assessment in mid-January. In addition, you will receive invitation to participate in an interview between February and March
  • Government of Canada will complete reference checks and validate key academic credentials and awards

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