9 Top Podcasts for Professionals

9 Top Podcasts for Professionals

For years, podcasts have been a great way for many people to learn and develop themselves. Podcasts deliver high-quality content to both business people and professionals around the world. Whether you are looking for business advice, inspirational feedback, personal stories or industry updates, there is always a podcast that can meet your needs. In this article, we will share 9 top podcasts for professionals.

The ‘Prof G Show’

One of my favorite podcasts is the ‘Prof G Show’ with Scott Galloway. It is chock-full of high-level insight on business strategy and the economy, and it dissects what is making big businesses survive or fail. It has invaluable information for any business owner or aspiring entrepreneur looking to better grasp business strategy at large.

Systems Made Simple

If you are female entrepreneur and looking to streamline your process and procedure to increase the bottom line, the ‘Systems Made Simple’ podcast should be on your list. The host tackles many common issues entrepreneurs encounter at various stages of growth that other podcasts don’t discuss.

How I Built This

How I Built This with Guy Raz is an excellent podcast for any professional. The podcast tries to get to the point of how some of the world’s best-known companies started and what sets them apart from their competition. Guy Raz interviews innovators and entrepreneurs. Listening to his podcast will give you a lot of information and ideas you can implement in your own business.

HBR IdeaCast

HBR IdeaCast is a short but powerful business podcast for anyone whether you are a new or veteran entrepreneur. What I like most about this podcast is that they don’t spend a lot of time with filler. Each episode is 20 to 30 minutes long and gets right to the point with actionable tips and advice.

Business Wars

Business Wars is another one of my favorites. The podcast dives into interesting competitions between leading companies in each industry. So, pick an industry you are interested in and listen to a few episodes.

Side Hustle School

Side Hustle School is a quick listen, but includes thousands of experiences. If you are looking to start a side hustle, this is a podcast for you. Many of the businesses mentioned on the podcast are solo operations by full-time employees or parents who often have little time but want to pursue a passion. Each episode is about 15 minutes, and the podcast has updates daily.

The 10 Minute Entrepreneur

The 10 Minute Entrepreneur can help you learn quick and efficient ways to build a business. So, if you are looking to start a business soon, you should have this podcast on your list. Also, it has plenty of wisdom for businesses that have been around for a while and leaders who are looking to grow to the next level.

Goal Digger

Goal Digger podcast with Jenna Kutcher is a live-workshop style marketing podcast that gives you advice about entrepreneurship, productivity, social media strategies, business hacks and much more.

Marketing School

“Neil Patel and Eric Siu’s podcast, ‘Marketing School,’ helps you to learn about digital marketing. The podcast brings up trends you should know about especially about marketing and online marketing. If you are looking for marketing tips, you should add this podcast to your collection. Listening to an episode or two every day can increase your knowledge and help you grow your business.

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