7 Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Side Job

7 Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Side Job

If you are like me, you are always looking to make some extra money. So, consider getting a side job. The starting point is to think about your favorite hobbies. Yes, your hobbies! There are tons of great side jobs associated with some common activities people enjoy doing in their spare time. Whether you call it a side job, a side hustle, or a part-time job, you need to get creative and put your knowledge to work. This articles shares 7 hobbies you can into a side job.

Below, you will find below common hobbies that you can turn into a side job. Please note that many of these roles require prior related experience, specialized expertise, training, or even a certain degree. So, you will need more than just an interest in these hobbies to successfully land most of these jobs!

7 Hobbies That Make Great Side Jobs


Writers are typically responsible for providing written content for companies in the form of articles, blog posts, manuscripts, website text, and other creative content. Many roles are available on a part-time basis, making it easy to do on the side.


As a shopping enthusiast, you likely stay up on the latest trends and are always looking for the best deal. Perhaps your shopping hobby extends into fashion and style, and you could work as a personal stylist or a model. You can also work as a personal shopper with services like Instacart.



If you enjoy traveling around the world, your passion could translate into working as a travel agent or a travel journalist. Although this may be on hold during the pandemic, these are typically remote roles when travel is in full swing.


With a photography hobby, you can always start your own business and find your own clients. Also, you can scope out companies that are looking for photographers on a part-time or occasional basis.

Art and Creative

A lot of categories fit into an art hobby. These include graphic design, painting, drawing, and video. So, let your creative side consider a few different possibilities, such as teaching or creating websites.


You don’t necessarily have to join a band to pursue your hobby of music. Whether it’s teaching or working at a radio station, your music knowledge can lead to a great side job.


If you are a voracious reader, many roles may involve teaching or tutoring. Don’t rule out editing and proofreading jobs as well.

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